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    Idea for increased replayability

    I'm on my 3rd playthru of anno 2205 now, and I love the game. That said, as I approach the endgame of my 3rd corporation and I think of starting another, I'm left feeling underwhelmed at the prospect of doing this on the same maps.

    So, my idea to improve replayability would be a map pack.

    Imagine, 9 new maps, complete with sector projects, for each of the main zones (temperate, arctic and lunar) giving us a total of 12 for each zone.

    Then, when starting a new game, we would have the option of either selecting which 3 of each zones maps would appear in our game, or else allowing random selection.

    This would make a whole host of map combinations available for any given game, and would certainly increase replayability for me.

    While we are at it, PLEASE include some new crisis sector maps! I am getting so sick of those same 3 or 4 crisis maps/missions!

    So, what do you think?
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    I think your right and that it's a great idea!
    This idea and my idea of my threat (Take over sectors with war) it can be the anno like it belongs to be

    and ideas of other members about decorations, infrastructure, sky crapers in the tundra ect.

    i think this game can be the game we all want...
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    This is mandatory. The first time I did a crisis missions was "ok, time consuming activity when I wait for cash". The second time I entered the crisis sector and noticed that this is the same map I thought that was a joke. Really?

    Also having 3 maps per zone is also like a joke for me. I would go for a game that is 3x uglier than Anno 2205 but has 3x more maps or at least an interesting, complex map generator that would also throw in some some quests and projects.

    But devs stick to static maps - ok - I like that too cause this ends up with beautiful maps and quests can be integrated into them nicely.
    So - I would love to see a Map Pack that adds like 9 maps per zone and I can chose 3 maps per zone that will be in my gameplay but also a random pick would be nice.

    Also - if a map pack project would be made every now and then in some time this game may get some nice randomization of maps.
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