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    Asalah almost useless ability

    Hello guys.Have played Asalah and can't understand why her ability is so expensive.Cost 2 and 1 card for only +1 per enchant.So in game during battle you may have maximum few enchants because they are not cheap too if you will have some 4-5 enchants i think it will be already end of game.After "Chain Casting" card fix her ability now almost useless. In some 10 games you mabe can use it once.An example some heroes can make +1 mele for only 2 resources or make 2 damage for only card drop.
    I think she needs some change her ability. Make it 2 resources only or card drop only or not +1 but +2 dmg or +1 dmg but permanent. Whats yours opinion about this?
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    My opinion is that your voice won't be heard. :P

    Sorry, bro. It's true. The company doesn't give a crap anymore.

    Chain Casting - just like in any other card game, free spells are just broken. Period. It had to be toned down, especially because you couldn't just sideboard an answer against chain casting, or there wasn't a card that would limit your opponent to casting a single spell each turn. (Rule of Law in MtG)

    As for Asalah: yes, that's the point. her whole ability is build-around-me.
    EDIT: but you don't have to build around her ability, she just works in a control build.
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    Yea i already don`t belive that i will be heard.Good game but no ones support it truly.

    Then just need to get back her +1 stat and that`s all.Because ability is realy useless.
    Here is card balancing communication so need to talk about our opinions or balance won`t be done.
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