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    Is this game dead?

    last patch was half-year ago ... really ? No new cards,,, Not even games-launcher background.
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    Compared to what it used to be, it is pretty dead. There are about 27,000 people who are at the Champion level -- but only about 5% of them are active. Chances are the lower ranks have a similar percentage -- which means that of the 1.3 million registered players, less than 100,000 are active. The jackpot tournament used to have hundreds or thousands of participants -- and now only has 100 to 200 depending on the type. Swiss tournament is even worse --- you can wait a long time to get the required 8 players.

    All that said, it is still a decent game to play -- just not as active as it used to be.

    And no, there will not be any more new cards and minimal bug fixes.
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    I dont understand moderators. This game is awasome. Best card game i have been played most challenging and interesting,many cards and many combinations. Don`t understand why noones doesn`t work with it. You can easyly gain real money from it.People would buy cards and not only cards.If owners dont have money to pay salary for workers. Just sell game to company who will work with it. Or find some investors. I think people would buy new cards and not only cards... Make some skins on cards,paint new images,change gold cards for more beutiful,make more tournaments to get new players.Make streams to people who doesnt know about this game.Insert real money prizes for some tournament wins.Game realy cool... Just no one wants work and get profit.
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    Just about three years ago, this game was thriving. Unfortunately, UBI $hit didn't really care about it, and it slowly went down the ****ter.

    1) The game needs a pro developer / programming team. The first for balancing issues, and the second for proper coding. No more bugs!
    2) The game needs marketing. Like, holy ****...
    3) The game needs tournaments.
    4) More expansions.
    5) Skins are kinda already there.
    6) The game is neglected.
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