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    This might be a lengthily post but bear with me at the end.

    I totally loved the incursions way back from it's release, as i can feel the thrill the moment the shotgunners rushes you in the pit. Sometimes i'm stupid enough to facetank them, but ofc, NPC are way too OP in 1.3.

    1.4 released, then loots rained everywhere, and i didn't pay attention to the incursions since the items i'm getting in there are not enough for the time i spent to finish it. I just feel bad that i got items that are not enough satisfy what i want, especially with the stats of those dropped items. Since then, i just farm around the LZ, Lexington and DZ for loots, where chances of getting a high quality loot is more higher than incursions.

    But yesterday, out of boredom of playing lexington, i tried again the incusions. I tried first the Falcon Lost. My random teammates seems don't like to talk during the mission, but you can see that they know what to do, what to avoid and they are not cocky to facetank NPCs. We used cover, while i'm using reclaimer as a support. Yes we've been downed a couple of times, but we never restarted the game. I really like the tension of the NPCs suppressing on your cover, but we managed to finished up the mission, without any communication involved.

    Second one was Clear Sky with a different set of players, and oh boy, the last mission was too effin hard! NPCs are rushing to your cover, snipers are really pain on the ***, especially those big guys with machine gun and the turret. Same as the FL, we never repeated the mission and finished it without any communication at all. Even with the aggressive NPCs, i just realized, that is the challenging part of heroic mode. You need to plan out how to get transfer the aggro away from your teammates to get the cases and i'm proud that i was able to support them and finished the mission on 1 run.

    Lastly, Dragons Nest. With my tactician, inventive and refreshed mask, i played again as a support with 8 second CD for immunizer and 5 second CD for smart cover (i sacrificed my toughness for extra Skill Haste). And i'm just worrying that we might be crushed by the 4 horsemen, but with proper placement of immunizer, we survived those Boss and able to move forward. with the help of immunizer and smart cover, we were able to survive each wave of NPCs, although one of the player was facetankking the NPCs with his shield, but the good thing is he's staying inside of my immunizer's large radius.

    TLDR: Incursions will not be that so hard if you will play a proper role like support as nowadays, every player will be either using AB or any DPS set. I personally like the support set like reclaimer, Final Measure and Tactician, which where i perform best in PVE missions. Yes, incursions are too effin hard and NPCs will rush your cover no matter what, but if you play smart, take a good distance and have a reliable support, then you will see that incursions will be easy as Lexington. If your team are all damage dealer, then switch to support. dont feel bad on using other gear sets or thinking that you will not deal damage to NPCs. The more important is to adapt with the gameplay, adjust to what needed and play smart. This is just a game, but this will pushed your creativity to the limits.
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    Agree 100%

    Originally Posted by V4MPiR1 Go to original post
    I'm disappointed that incursions cannot be completed solo... Given that 99.9% of people start up their computer solo and may not be able to coordinate an online team in an acceptable time frame, that is unacceptable. One player simply cannot kill off an entire wave in the time it takes for the next one to spawn. That, in itself, however, is not the problem. The problem is that the waves are unlimited. Therefore, a single player gets pinned behind a single cover and cannot move out from behind it, EVER, regardless of whether or not they have unlimited ammo. Moreover, the fact that you have to empty 1+ mag (60+ rounds) into an enemy's head to kill them, whereas you go critical in 1-2 hits is absolutely RIDICULOUS. In real life, you can achieve 10x more with a pellet gun. Please do not try to rebut this statement with, "But this is a video game and not real life." That would be hypocritical given both the: (a) detail given to the environment (weapons, gear, terrain, etc.), and (b) use of Tom Clancy's name. I'm telling you, if Tom Clancy was alive and not being paid for the use of his name, he would take a giant dump on this psychotic "I live in a fn bubble" trash.

    Diedel443 is absolutely correct, this is purely to make up for poor AI on the NPCs... however, the devs have over-overcompensated... to the point of ABSURDITY, to the point where it is NOT fun to play the game. THAT is BAD GAME MAKING. That is not only inexperience, but a lack of common sense.

    This is the adult world, people, and you had better know what you're doing in your chosen profession (ie. game making) or GTFO and make room for someone who does. There is no "think"... there is "do" or "do not". The Dev "did not". Payment for this product is at this point in time (development) is UNDESERVED.

    ATTN: Dev.
    Please do not take this comment as an impetus to improve the AI. I am now 100% convinced that if YOU were the ones to develop true AI, it would be the end of everything in the universe.
    Ive made it to the helicopter solo, but highly doubt I will be able to get pass this point grrrrrrrr.
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    I don't know how you kids hold your controllers
    But I did falcon lost solo with a classified reclaimer.
    Invited 1 guy at the end of dragons nest because you have to have at least 2 there.
    Clear sky with 2
    And stolen signal with 2

    Legendaries solo with sentrys call and technician.
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    Originally Posted by DutchLMB4ever Go to original post
    I don't know how you kids hold your controllers
    But I did falcon lost solo with a classified reclaimer.
    Invited 1 guy at the end of dragons nest because you have to have at least 2 there.
    Clear sky with 2
    And stolen signal with 2

    Legendaries solo with sentrys call and technician.
    This is an older post from back when the incursions were first introduced. Must like the rest of the game with difficulty and loot, they were MUCH harder then IMO.

    If you clear any mission on challenging or above solo with reclaimer, then it really isn't built for what it is made for. I get it though, I have used a hybrid reclaimer back when I used to do Resistance. But, that was just to show new players that game mode.
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    No hybrid build but full reclaimer.
    9k electronics and 1 piece on fire arms.
    Gloves: fire arms with AR/sniper dmg,Crit chance and crit dmg.
    Skill haste isn't really needed.

    LVOA or M4 with deadly, responsive (on the bottom)
    And that talent that gives you 7.50% skill cooldown per kill.

    Carbon M700 with deadly, cool headed and that 7.50% cooldown per kill.

    Tech link back in no time (but depends on you).
    Most of the time I have it back before the cooldown is gone.
    (I have to wait 20sec before I can use it again)

    Support station in the open, so it can be sort of a decoy.
    (And because of the 9k electronics you still have the 100% chance of no cooldown when destroyed).

    Time the tech links for the waves with the 5-6 shotgunners.
    Before and after the shottys go crazy on all.

    Go upstairs on the right with the 2 walls for your cover.

    Throw the support station between the 2 walls and that little cover bit in the middle and your good to go.
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