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    FInished up playing for today. Did a little more optimizing and looking forward to some new sectors
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    "May the Anno be with you."
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    Just in time!

    Just had a short play around with my main city today, making a pretty settlement is a long process!
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    Anno Prize draw

    Thanks for the oppertunity for us to win a great prize been playing most of the day just started a new game with a fresh take on the game, putting a few technics together from my errors in the last game but can say i have loved every single anno game that has hit the market, these guys are brilliant at making games. settlers 2 was the game of all games that gor me loving the style and i will never go back. Thank you for making it possible in my life to play your games and bring the joy that they have and be sure that i will always be there with my wallet when the next game comes out please keep anno alive Thank You !!!!
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    Got in a little time today, boosted the profitability of my settlement. Those Lei Sheng credit optimizers are really helpful. (almost) free electricity!
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    I played a fair bit, just finished about 15 minuets ago.
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    I just bought it yesterday and have played many hours today. I enjoyed 2070 a lot, but I like this one better. Thanks for entering me into the contest.
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    I love Anno so much! Nothing like just building amazing cities and transporting goods to the moon and back! The Veteran Mode is aweesome, really tightens up the game!
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    hello from Ukraine!play again for a little bit
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    BB_Graubart's Avatar Community Developer
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    The event is over

    Dear Anno fans.

    Thank you for participating!
    The Community team informs you about next steps in the event announcement.

    Have a nice day!
    Your Anno team
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