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    Falcon Lost Incursion Hard /Looking for players who know what their doing

    I am tired of running incursions with players who dont know what they are doing. I currently have a gear score of 194 and am a skill power based player with a 4 pieces of tactician gear. My charecter currently has 120k DPS 63K Health and 40K skill Power. That means my skill power can go up to 80K during the incursion. Looking for damage dealers who only need to concentrate on DPS and who play around 9PM to 12 AM Eastern time.

    Thank You
    PSN: crouchingtiger24
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    yeah man ill tag along. im only a GS of 178, but ik what im doing for the most part lol. I can hold my own if that matters. was looking to find a group to run it with bc mathmaking is a lost cause. ill send u a friend request as i play different times every day. if ever see me on and wanna run, hmu ill gladly join it.

    im MrReaux
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