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    Great stuff as ever UberD, thanks for your continuing hard work.
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    Thank you all. This kind of response keeps me going, much to my wife's discontent...

    This was definitely a set of features that I wish was there, but were not. Sure you could do this using Windows Explorer, Notepad and FMB, but this makes it easy... I think it is better when the user does not have to think much to make things work (the way he/she wants it). I am a user, and I am pretty dumb, so I assume there are other poor saps like me out there... to make a long story short (too late), I decided to get off my lazy behind and do this.

    Hope you enjoy, and let me know how you like it. Who is using this? The offline of the online community?

    Best Regards,
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    Great work UberDemon !!!
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    Woof603's Avatar Senior Member
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    UberDemon, you is a WHIZ!!! Thanks again for adding so much to our enjoyment.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> . . . and let me know how you like it. Who is using this? The offline of the online community?

    Uberdemon, I have mostly used your software offline, and it has been the best experience with realism that I have had since getting involved with this game. Seeing so many planes in the air at the same time is very cool, but I would never be able to see a bomb run with 100 bombers in the air online, so here is the reason for mostly using this offline . . . .

    HOWEVER . . . Last night I flew a mission from the Fork Tailed Deveils mini-campaign, but I flew it as a coop mission. I didn't have anyone with me, but the possibilties excite me. As soon as my mate, Skidro, gets up and running, I am draggin' his butt into that campaign with me. I'll finally have what I never had when flying this campaign with the AI offline: A GOOD WINGMAN! )I hope that you heard that, Skid!) One that doesn't mysteriously crash for no reason, or vanish once he lands. Or shoots my butt off when he should be covering it.

    So, what I am saying is that UQMG is about to go online at Tsisqua's place.

    And yes, I LOVE UQMG now more than ever.
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    Thank You Uber Demon, you have made IL-2 into a almost new and exciting Game... with almost endless multiple ways to set up Game Missions.
    I mostly had been using FBM until I tried Uber Demon... and with the Uber Demon Programs you have provided us with, there is a hugh time saving over the original FMB and has been faultless in it's operation.
    Hopefully Oleg will incorperate these Program's into the New PF and BoB Games.
    Again Thank's for for all this Hard Work!

    USS Biddle DLG 34/CG 34
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    Look forward to downloading this new version. I've been a big fan of your UQMG for a long time now.

    :FI:Snoop Baron
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    Thanks mate. That's definitely the Mission Generator that should be in the game.

    Keep up !
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    I thank you very much, as always. Very interesting. I have little time to play online... so I am mostly an offline player. UQMG was originally the QMB with my wishes (plus other things people in the community asked for.), but at the time I thought... why not just make a Coop version of every mission generated anyway?

    Funny that I ended up making a tool that is used by several virtual squadrons now, but was primarily developed for offline. In anyway, especially if you are an owner of the original IL-2, that opens up a whole new horizon, because you can play all missions in IL-2 now as Coop with UQMM. That is a huge number of missions... over 500 missions just from the campaigns alone... plus with UQMG you can make your own in seconds, and you have infinite possibilities there as well. Should be fun.


    Cool. Another primary reason for me creating these missions is the time-saving aspect. You endup tinkering with something so much that the playing and enjoying time is gone. The whole point of UQMG and UQMM is for you to go on and enjoy IL-2 (the way I think it was meant to be experienced), and fast. Thank you again for continuing to use UQMG.


    I hope you like this addition. It is painfully easy to use. Really it is so easy you'll waste even more time playing IL-2... he he.


    Thank you. Unfortunately it is not in the game engine itself, but I try to make it easy enough for you to think and feel it is... hopefully...

    Many Thanks.

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