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    Trying to create the name DuchessXI in some form, but it seems to have a problem with the Duchess part. Any ideas why?
    Tried DuchessXI, Duchess, DuchessX, d.uchessxi, duch.essxi etc
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    Username restriction?

    Hi, i have an issue where i wanted to change my username to "Kuksipum" and it says it has a restricted word, but i can't figure out what word is that. I use that nickname in a lot of other games and i've never seen an issue. Please help, Thanks!
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    Restricted word

    Hello, I wanted to use my reoccurring theme name "NeonPeacokk" but Im guessing that cokk is triggering the restricted word. I tried peacock as well and apparently this animal is just frowned upon. Can someone please help me with this? thank you.
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    OmegaInferno / Omega_Inferno

    What's wrong with these usernames?
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    i tried to change my name recently only to find out that word Life was being restric

    i tried to change my name recently only to find out that word Life was being restricted
    after i changed the word to another one it worked
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    I trying to shorten my name to Sober75 but it says its restricted, why ?
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    Same problem here. I want to change my name to "Kokorodil", but it says it is offensive. I've tried googling some "words" (???) to search for anything offensive that they might refer to, but didn't find anything. Can you provide answers please ?
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    Why is the word cyber restricted

    iI tried to make my name Cyber.EGC and it says cyber is a restricted word but why
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    Username Restriction for Uplay

    I'm trying to set my username to RedEyed but it won't let me then I tried other versions of RedEyed but it just says "This username is not valid". Can you help?
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    Ultimately the only thing anyone can do when running into a restricted username is to choose another I'm afraid. The moderators on the forums do not set the rules for usernames nor do we upkeep the list of restrictions.

    Support can take a look at these cases but we can't say if they can actually help or not, depending on what it takes to rewrite rules, get permissions to do so, etc. It's not so cut and dried but if anyone could help it would be Support.

    If you would like to reach Support and ask if they could help you can do so here:

    If you would like to submit a Support Ticket for help you can do so here:

    You can also reach out to our Facebook and Twitter Support pages here:
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