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    It wont even leave me put MrSpookieman
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    I'm a similar issue

    I wanted the username AuraKuma but it says it is restricted, so I put it as AuraxKuma but I'd really like to have the username without the x
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    My username is also flagged as restricted

    My unique username that i use for everything is DZK312, but that is restricted apparently? it seems the 3 initials "DZK" are the problem... but WHY?!
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    My nickname is restricted for no obvious reason

    My nickname is restricted even tho It doesn't contain any restricted words.
    The nickname is - Worldspawn. I can't play with my own nickname here
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    I'm trying to change my name

    I am trying to change my name, but it keeps saying I am using an offensive word. I am trying to change my name to ShatterMaster12. I tried changing everything, but it still won't work. What is causing it to say that? All I know is that it is the word Shatter that is causing it.
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    "Shat" maybe.
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    I am trying to create an account but my username is restricted

    Wont let me use Nakota as my username. Says its restricted
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    The criteria is hard coded into the system so there isn't a way they can set up a username while still bypassing these flags. Unfortunately it means there isn't any way we can make these usernames work.

    I changed the wording, & fixed any typos.
    Hopefully it's a bit more clear what the problem is now.

    Cause: The criteria is hard coded into the System.
    Solution: Edit & Fix the Coding in the System.
    Problem: Too Complex, We Don't Know How

    Is probably likely what is going on here. Messing with System Code that is done this way
    could present Major problems if it's not handled correctly. If you don't know what your doing
    it is best not to mess with it at all. They might fix one thing, mean while everyone's Inventory is wiped out.
    Any number of things could end up happening. It is probably just best to leave it alone as bad as it sounds.

    My Opinion though, is it's a pretty bad mess of Coding, & not well put together to start with,
    but none the less this is just how things are, & not much anyone can do about it.
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    yo why is the word email restricted. i tried to make my username either 'email' or 'eemail' and it didn't work it said it had a restricted word. help
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