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    still hope?

    I have taken a look at the news and the "work in progress".
    It's realy no bad idea to drive against the Ghost of a friend, but I still hope that Nadeo will update TMTurbo
    and thats it is then possible to use Title-Blocks and Block-Mix, like in the Campaign Tracks.
    I realy want and I realy need this cool options and I can't undestand why it's not already possible...
    More than 8500 (whatever this limit of Blocks is) would be nice, because I want to build some larger Tracks. My last Track was over after 2min because of this limit...
    Name my own Tracks would be nice too but I think the other things are more important at the moment (maybe).

    I hope that we get an update soon

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    i can only send you to this (https://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewto...?f=524&t=37718) thread over at the MP Forums.

    If you don't want to read this (which i can fully understand) here is the short form:

    - There won't be any big updates, not even small ones probably, Game is finished for Nadeo

    - Nadeo seems to believe console players need simplified games and that the consoles can't handle a "real" Trackmania sequel, so they made a "cashgrabber" how i call it. Turbo is just there to get some money from the console players to use it for Maniaplanet.

    - They even ban people from the forums when you are "too negative" about their game.. happened to my teammate Zooz over at MP Forums.

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    But nothing happens

    It's realy nice to know (now) that TMTurbo is not supporting PC Players. But ok, if they release Lagoon for Maniaplanet I will spend more money.
    But nothing happens.
    No Lagoon, no Canyon, Stadium, Valley update, no integrated title-blocks (like this cool container), no helicopter-start and no macroblocks (like the finished terrain).

    But ok I will w8and maybe some day something will happen.