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    AC Syndicate, What I liked

    Hey guys/girls, long term assassins creed fan, played the main games, etc etc.

    While I'm glad Ubisoft is taking a year off, there was one bit about about AC Syndicate that stood out and should be considered for future AC games (don't roll your eyes this isnt a I want I want I want thread).

    The outfits... Sounds simple right, but this is the first assassins creed game where I felt I could actually (within reason) blend in.

    I'll start with Evie. Kudos was including a female protagonist, happy to see if it's well written and viable, and I think they really managed to nail the outfits. I think she stands out a little more than Jacob, but when a dress is the standard female outfit of the time, they have the make a few changes, which were done pretty well.

    And now Jacob, with whom I was especially impressed with, from the Simply Jacob flatcap, all the way to Baron Jordanes Finery. They got the right balance of standing out and looking like a bad*ss, and still being passably believable as a (somewhat exotic) outfit of the time.

    Obviously this is my opinion only so there may be disagreements, but what does everyone else think? Any particular outfit sets people liked?
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    Hear, hear! The outfits in Syndicate are some of the best we've had due to their simplicity. I only wish we could remove Evie's cape at will. The one that's unlocked for her after WW1 is my second-favorite outfit in the entire series (after Altaïr).
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    OH yes - I loved Evie's outfit as well especially, I felt that it was functional without losing femininity in a way that many, many games with female characters don't strike that cord between practicality and beauty.
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