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    TrackMania Turbo Exchange - Live now!

    Ever wanted to sort on votes or play count, or just want to explore tracks way more easily? It's now possible with the community made search engine. Supporting nickname search, several filtering options and extended sorting. You can even explore tracks from all platforms combined!

    Visit the Trackmania Turbo Exchange here: https://tmturbo-exchange.com/

    - Support for all platforms
    - Sort on times played
    - Sort on karma or votes
    - Search for author
    - Search and filter on style, envi and platform.
    - 1 Hour delay maximum for new tracks.

    Toffe + Tiggs
    Original thread here: https://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewto...267851#p267851

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    is the Homepage down?

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    Sad news. I found the website really useful.

    I have just shutdown the turbo exchange due to the less visitors and use of the service, the cost of the server and the lost time in maintaining the server and service. Also to make the pressure on the Amazon servers (that Nadeo payes) a bit less.

    Some neat statistics:

    • We downloaded ~40GB of mapfiles (GBX).
    • We stored 142749 documents in our map collection (MongoDB).
    • We served the website to ~2595 users (Analytics).
    • We had ~29293 pageviews (Analytics).
    • We had over 2TB of traffic on our outgoing interface (system).
    • We scraped over millions of pages of the official website.
    • We used Angular 2 while it was in Alpha .

    Thanks for the warm messages you gave me to invest time in the project!

    The original thread: https://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewto...37888&start=30

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    Alternative track explorer

    Hey there,

    i went out and build a simpler version so we can still find good new tracks to play..

    Check it out at https://papoms.github.io/trackexplorer/

    Its currently PS4 tracks only. Let me know if this is of any use or what you are missing.. My goal was to get a list of popular (as in most played) tracks for different environments and styles to add to my favorites for offline play with friends.. If you have other use cases and / or features you need let me know


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    Seriously - thank you, Paul! Really awesome page!

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    I personally feel that track searches based on rating isn't useful at all as long as the rating system works the way it's currently set up. Out of all the hundreds of thousands custom tracks created on PS4, only three have currently been rated 5/5, and that's only because they haven't become popular enough to receive anything but a small number of positive ratings. As soon as a track becomes popular, and a larger number of players start rating it, its rating will go down to at least 4,5 or 4. It doesn't matter how well designed or popular the track is. A huge number of newbies will always click DISLIKE because they couldn't pass a basic loop or wallride. With this system, the rating doesn't mean anything at all, and searching for good tracks based on rating becomes impossible.

    A track needs to receive 90% likes, or no more than 10% dislikes, to earn the rating 5/5. Because any echelon 0 online room will always have a majority of echelon 0 players, the tracks will always receive large numbers of unfair ratings. Restricting a room to higher echelon players doesn't work either, since people like to race together in large crowds and almost always choose to join unrestricted rooms.

    In order to make the rating system more useful and fair, it needs to change. One idea would be to let the strenght of the rating depend on the players' echelon level. For example, ratings by echelon 0 players could be worth 50% of a ratings by echelon 1 players, and ratings by echelon 1 players could be worth 50% of ratings by echelon 2 players, and so on. That way we could trust that the ratings were mainly decided by people with sufficient skills to determine whether a track actually is good or not.

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    Originally Posted by SnowHermit Go to original post
    I personally feel that track searches based on rating isn't useful at all as long as the rating system works the way it's currently set up..
    Totally agree. I had the most success using the number of plays as a metric and ignoring the ratings. This works for already popular tracks since there is no reason they would end up beeing played that much. Anyways it does not help with the discovery of very new but interesting tracks nor does it reflect the players level.
    All that beeing said, i just do not have access to most of the Data that would be needed to incorporate some more relevant metrics.

    If you want to give it a shot, feel free to play around with the dataset @ https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets..._AKzu4k7IsfMc/. Let me know if you find an interesting combination of the existing metrics and i am happy to build that into the filters.


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    Really wonderful

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    I only want too say, that I know a good webside too.Here it is:
    You can switch too pc or xbox and seeing profiles , tracks and rooms