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    Invalid Online Keycode

    Today, I bought Might and Magic Heroes VI Complete and i use my code to get game, but : This CD Key or Activation Code is not valid. Please try again.
    Ubisoft, great job. Give me my money back !
    ( I have all Heroes of m&m I - VII, but Heroes VI and Heroes VII is Ubisoft joke )
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    Hi spoksoldier and welcome to the forums, this is the forum for Heroes VII.

    Heroes VI Complete Edition comes with two separate redeem codes, one to activate and the other an Adventure pack code.

    You will find your Install Keycode on your game manual, this code will be used to activate Heroes VI on your Uplay account. It will also unlock access to the Shades of Darkness standalone expansion.

    To use this code, simply follow the installation wizard and enter the key when prompted. Alternatively you can enter the key directly into Uplay PC by clicking on the Gear and selecting Activate Product.

    The second key can be found on the Heroes VI Adventure Pack leaflet, this code will unlock the games additional content. This include Danse Macabre and Pirates of the Savage Sea.

    To use this code follow the steps below:

    1. Update Heroes VI to version 2.1, the game will update automatically on launch. Please note that you may need to exit and restart the game multiple times to install all updates.
    2. Launch the game and click the Unlock Content button from the main menu.
    3. Enter your code to redeem and validate the content, and the Adventure pack is now unlocked.

    If the code is still not valid, please contact our Support Team https://support.ubi.com including proof or purchase.

    Kind Regards
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