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    Originally Posted by Jayrocksd Go to original post
    I listened to a whole bunch of songs by bands listed earlier, and this is the closest thing I could find to an appropriate solo at the appropriate time, with the appropriate tone. (about 1:55)

    Nice job! I get a kind of Wolfmother-y vibe from them, which should be fun to try.

    Edit: When it comes to MST3K, I'm Team Servo however.
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    Originally Posted by BazzTard61 Go to original post
    See? you're doing it again.

    you may need to refer to a dictionary.

    Who? clearly means, who are they,I have not heard of them.

    How do you get "if I don't know them they are not worthy of the game" from "who".

    You have proven my case so clearly, thanks Dan !
    Nah, see, the dictionary is old technology, man.

    The Internet has changed things. The current Internet definition of a single-word post of "Who?" in blogs, forums, etc., where a person could simply check any of the vast range of resources (Wikipedia, YouTube, Google, most any other search engine, other posts in the same thread where people did the work of providing imbedded YouTube links) is one of condescension, dismissiveness, laziness, trolling, derision, and so on. As in "I've not heard of them, and I can't be bothered (or arsed, depending on locality) to educate myself, so I'll be provocative, pithy and curt to no beneficial end."

    Usually. Or people can be honestly ignorant. But they normally telegraph such things with humility... or at least additional context, so they don't get mistaken for a troll. As in, "I've not heard of them -- can anybody suggest some songs so I can determine if I like them or not?" That's the kind of signalling that breeds healthy discussions and conversations.
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    Originally Posted by tonyreich913 Go to original post
    One of my favorite DLCs was Volbeat. I had never heard of them, but 1) learned of them through Rocksmith DLC and downloaded some songs--really love them now; and 2) learning now to play the songs only made me appreciate them more.

    Yes, I like to learn to play songs I already know and love, but there is NOTHING wrong with expanding horizons a little bit. Thanks Rocksmith again.
    So, last year Volbeat played up here. You know who was on the bill, Anthrax and Crobot. That's pretty much all that needs said here.
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    Don't know them, sound interesting though! Volbeat too is obviously one I am going to have to go back and check out.
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    I don't know this band, but I am digging the sound a lot! I'll be getting these for sure, I love this style. Here comes the CD purchases...
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    The songs are

    Fly on the wall
    Nowhere to hide
    legend of the spaceborne killer
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    Had heard the name Crobot before, but don't know anything about them. Loving that 'Nowhere to Hide' track after just one listen. I'm in for this!
    And since it is not Rival Sons, I have realized that I would really enjoy them one day and have just left the request app (would otherwise have never requested).
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    Just picked up RS14, I love it. I guarantee this will be DOWN. It is a running joke how much I dislike DOWN with my friends... this would be fitting.
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    * And by "Who?" I mean I've never heard of this band before. I'm a fan of Rocksmith and buy all the DLC** so I'll get it and might even like it*** but I still haven't heard of this band before this thread.

    ** I do buy all the DLC because I want to expand my repertoire, try different things, and move beyond a single genre or style of playing.

    *** I've found I've liked quite a few of the bands that have popped up on Rocksmith that I've never heard of and now like and in one case, bought three full CDs of the group**** but there are certainly others that I've not enjoyed***** and even at least one band that I didn't like previously****** but enjoy the hell out of playing right now

    **** Avenged SevenFold

    ***** Pantera

    ****** Rage Against The Machine
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    Crobot? Oh well I'll use my money to get a Cronut instead.

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