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    New Low - Invisible Nameless Hackers - Who to Report?

    Three of us one-shot dead, no one around, no info on death screen. Respawn at checkpoint, step out, insta death. My teammate steps out, insta dead. No name, weapon, etc. on the death screen. Who to report? This is truly a new low.

    This might not be new for yall but for me it is.

    I was just trying to level to DZ75 for BPs, otherwise I would've never stepped in there. Instead I got demoted from 67 to 66. Truly miserable experience.

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    Where in the DZ was that? Trying to recognize the location, but it may have a glitch or something with the walls and the attacker might be "technically" outside the DZ.
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    lol this is what happens when the Devs are nowhere near as smart as the people who Play/Hack the game RIP the division.
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