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    Ranking Website [PC, ONE, PS4]

    You want a Ranking Website ?

    Here you've got a Ranking Website !


    PS.: Actually working on the Names to display.
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    very nice !

    awaiting the names to be displayed.

    another suggestion is to let the region combobox remember the previous value. For example selecting Belgium and a certain map, it will load the times for Belgium for that map but if i only want to change maps i have to keep reselecting Belgium because the combobox does not remember the previous selected value (it keeps resetting to world).
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    That moment when you realise you're still in the top 5 of map 93.
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    Love the new layout, and thanks for implementing my suggestion to remember the selected combobox item
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    third digit of times, gbx-file

    Just a question: How can I find out the third digit of my ghosttimes (ex. time: 30.485)? I think they are hidden in the .gbx file ({userdocs}\TrackmaniaTurbo\{...}\MapsGhost). Is there any possibility to read the gbx-Ghost-files?

    Thanks for help - an go on with that outstanding work!
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