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    DISABLE COMPETENT talent now !! There's a bug that can give up to 1m - 2m damage !!

    video of someone doing it :


    by changing your weapon fast you can get unlimited %damage !!

    disable it now !! or dark zone is ruined !

    it works on pc and console
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    Its not only this talent, its all talents.

    For fast credits equip the credits from headshot kneepads 1k times and become a millionere after few kills.
    Its just totally broken as it is
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    I hope they do what they do with mobile cover and leave it in game till weeks later they try to fix it but end up doing nothing and it still works. Cause that is how they handle mobile cover and then they never ban exploiters.
    I agree with you though they SHOULD temp disable Mobile cover and Competent but they will not cause they are not competent.
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    *slaps forehead*
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    All talents can be stacked.
    And now everyone can get 999 phoenix credits and crafting materials and dz keys from the rewards vender... all platforms.
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    next thing you know they will give the mobs 1081035801521075021780hp just to balance out the exploit
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    if this is a problem for all gear talents, then disabling one isnt going to solve anything.
    they need to fix the root cause so it doesnt happen for all gear talents.
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    Well, this explains where the unkillable guys in the DZ come from.
    Probably equipped and reequipped reckless Chest pieces.
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    if its all talents, the game is done, if they cannot fix minor stuff why would they fix this?
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