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    Combots production on the moon

    Good evening everybody,

    I've been trying since days to find the way to have an overproduction of combots on Mare relictum on the moon for the sectorial project but so far there is no way to buid this item.

    I tried to send combots from Earth but the quest is clear , I have to have an over production of combots on the moon.

    Maybe I'm not yet to the point where the game offers me the possibility to build them but at least could someone tell me if if's the regular thing to do or if there is maybe a bug in my quests.

    I have to mention than I finished the main story line and I'm focusing on the sectorial projects

    Thanks in advance for your help and a good Anno Game
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    you've done it right sending combots from the earth, because there is no buildings that produce them on the moon.

    To check if you are doing right you will see the progress on the quest log in the hight left corner.

    I usually do those quest buying products from the market, it is faster than getting a surplus of product but more expensive.

    I hope this was heplful, enjoy anno 2205 ^_^
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