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    Increase in people using hacks?

    Anyone notice more hackers in dz lately?

    Feels like a good 30% of the times me and my team gone rogue the last couple of days (yes we enjoy pvp) some guy just appears behind us and oneshot the whole team instantly.

    A tad frustrating when you switch server after getting rekt and another hacker shows up from nowhere and instantly kills you with pistol.. Even had a guy toggle some hacks and chased us down after we killed him and he's Group

    I feel this has increased exponentaly in the last few day compared to earlier. Anyone got similiar experiences?
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    mattrickl06's Avatar Senior Member
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    Dec 2014
    Yes, first time in 3 weeks yesterday, 4 of us hacked within 30 mins by FARMINPOTATOES
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    The message is out.

    Cheat all you want, it will take forever to catch you apparently, and you get to keep all the exp/money/items you gained and then after a 3 day suspension you get to laugh, come back in, and reap your reward.

    Then just don't cheat anymore.
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    Every time me and my 2 friends have entered DZ to have some fun, kill a boss or two or go rogue. However what i don't like about DZ is the constant hackers roaming the streets always jumping from building to building, one shot group kill with the intention of stealing your hard earned loot and killing a solo DZ player while running faster than usain bolt. My friends and i never plan on hacking we are just here to have fun and play fair and earn our yellow/green loot the proper way not hack/glitch to gain yellow/green loot within seconds.
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