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    ASSUMPTION is not a valid contract.
    We'll assume YANAL. Regardless, no s41+ sherlock. It's not about a contract, it's about doing right by the community.

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    Anyone who googles Assassin's Creed Syndicate season pass will find exactly what is included....
    What about those of us who bought the SP before this DLC even existed? Alrighty then. But even ignoring that - it's about doing right by the community (did I say that already?). For a measly 5 bucks from a few suckers, Ubi's gonna squander the good will of the community which is willing to spend plenty of $$ to begin with for a positive, seamless experience? Most who buy the SP want to spend a flat sum up front and not worry about being nickeled & dimed to death for stupid incremental cr@p.

    Anyway, I "assume" you don't work for Ubi and can't answer for them in the first place, so shove off.

    If anyone who actually represents Ubi cares to try to justify this dipsh1+ery, well feel free, would love to hear it. Yes, I've read the FAQ on it - not satisfying. From the perspective of someone who has spent plenty of hard earned cash on AC and Ubi in general, this approach is penny wise and pound foolish - do right by the community guys. They'll be willing to part with the big money if you keep it positive, and they'll remain loyal customers for the long term.

    2 cents.
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    I'll assume you don't like facts as you prefer to try to attack the messenger because you cannot refute the message.

    It has nothing to do with the community... the community asked (petitioned) for this extra work to be made for the PC when it didn't exist, AND the community has happily paid for the extra work... it's just a few who feel entitled to free stuff. Ubi just gave away 7 free games AND the sale prices recently were so cheap that it's ridiculous to complain about a few pounds/ dollars/ euros.

    Anyone who has "spent plenty of hard earned cash" didn't earn it by working for nothing because someone felt entitled to not pay. It's about shareholders and employee wages.

    Nobody from Ubi is going to pay any attention to someone who is just looking for an argument, they are not going to give you a platform to vent... but feel free to continue, I should find it amusing when people try to justify an unreasonable stance, blindly ignoring facts and imagining they are on some sort of crusade... but in truth it saddens me.

    In life you'd have better understanding if you took a moment to see both sides of things rather than trying to justify why you think you are correct.

    I'll do as you ask and I'll shove off. I've added you to my ignore list so I will no longer see any of your posts.
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    Honestly that is kind-of Illegal to claim that a season pass grants you the ability to download missions, stories and other content and then claim that because something was exclusive that the royalties going to Sony are the problem of the season pass purchaser to still pay this fee, Yet I guarantee you that the PlayStation 4 owners who purchased the season pass and game later on still got the content. I'm sorry Ubisoft, but that is a load of garbage. You gave a season pass for content, you should be paying the royalties.
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    Bugsoft!!!!!!! I want my dlc freee! I bougth gold edition pack
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    Anyone know of a shop selling this Dreadfull Crimes DLC that has U.K based payments system ?

    My card is only allowed to buy UK purchases due to new rules .
    I tried Uplay but the payment was bounced back so it must mean Uplay's payment system is not UK based.

    wow ,as soon as the sale finished on the uplay store the dlc has gone back up to full price across all other key shops.
    Surely that is tantamount to price fixing ?
    We have strong laws in the UK to stop behaviour like that.
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