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    I would fly to the beginning of all.

    Or i would sit there and watch the stars and dream about my future space city.

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    i would simply try to fly with a plane in the space and would travel around the earth and visit pluto
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    When I'll be in space, it'll be far in the future and humanity would have left uninhabitable planet Earth long behind. So there I would sit, in my galaxy far far away, and play a strategic game that lets me colonize regions currently uncolonized - namely planet Earth and its moon, which was devastated due to humanity's search for Helium-3. I'll build a working economy, satisfy my citizens' wishes so they can develop and spend hours optimizing every yet-so-small detail so that my colony is as productive and environmentally-friendly as possible. Eventually I would join and win a game event. I'd have to tell or show the community what I would like to do if I were on earth...
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    Dear Anno fans,

    Thank you very much for your creative contributions.
    We will announce to the winners in the coming days and send mails to the two chosen ones, since the cosmonauts need to know where they are heading after their space travel.

    And some advertising:
    You can now apply for the second fan test!

    Best Regards,
    QuB3 for the Anno team
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