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    Just beat Brotherhood - on to Revelations!

    Hey all,

    Just recently joined he forums. I'm totally sucked into the AC series. I recently posted that I got into it from getting Black Flag with Game with Gold on X-Box. I loved it and have since completed AC 1, AC 2, and now AC Brotherhood. I have to say that I actually liked Brotherhood a bit better than the coveted AC 2 (which was also amazing). I just started Revelations last night and am now through SQ 2. Really liking it so far. Nice graphical improvement (XBOX 360). Story is good so far. Can't wait to complete this trilogy and get on to the rest of the games!

    That said....BF is still my favorite now out out of the 5 AC games I've played. But, loving the Ezio story!
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    Hey Sickboy7979,

    Welcome to the forums. I haven't played Liberation, Rogue, and Syndicate yet; looks like we both have some catching up to do!

    Happy gaming!
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    Thanks! I appreciate the welcome. I'm really enjoying Revelations so far. Just completed sequence 3 last night, as well as doing missions and getting collectibles. I'm really liking Constantinople so far too. Very cool city!
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