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    Tracks - Opreax

    Join us on discord: https://discord.gg/jhzhw4A

    How to play maps online:

    1. Click on download link and then "add to favorites" (you must be logged in)
    2. Launch game and go to Online Racing/Room Browser/My Rooms/Create Room/Edit Tracklist/Favorites
    3. Choose maps which you want to play and create room

    How to play maps offline:

    1. Click on download link and then "add to favorites" (you must be logged in)
    2. Launch game and go to Multiplayer/Arcade/Trackbuilder Workshop/Favorites
    3. Choose map you want to play


    Vega Complex v2.1 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com..._49?_locale=en
    Cargo Isles v2.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Ii0?_locale=en
    Planetarium v2.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...pQ8?_locale=en
    Toxic Foundry v2.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...vz6?_locale=en
    Atlantic City v1.6 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...eR1?_locale=en
    Metropolis v1.7 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Mwc?_locale=en
    Jungle Of The Setting Sun v1.6 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...B3l?_locale=en
    Tempest Rocks v1.5 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Cb6?_locale=en
    Bilateral v1.4 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Tmh?_locale=en
    Wetlands v1.6 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...fWi?_locale=en
    The Biofarm v1.2 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...4n5?_locale=en
    Twilight Highlands v1.4 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...MM7?_locale=en
    Neon Revolution v1.3 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...MNc?_locale=en
    Timeless Mist v1.5 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Ozp?_locale=en
    Kiribati v1.6 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...VS4?_locale=en
    The Volcano v1.3 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...oJf?_locale=en
    Fortress Of The Legends v1.4 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...wP0?_locale=en
    Enymultek 2145 v1.3 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...3Qd?_locale=en
    Portal v1.2 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...182?_locale=en
    Infested Sewers v1.1 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...ixx?_locale=en
    Augmented Reality v1.4 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...nc2?_locale=en
    Sky Net v1.1 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...aa7?_locale=en
    Simulation Cube v1.2 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...kvk?_locale=en
    Temple At Azure Summit v1.2 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...MQ1?_locale=en
    Castle On The Jade Peak v1.1 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...PMk?_locale=en
    Tokyo v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Zyd?_locale=en
    Trinity Of Spectrum v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...Wb2?_locale=en
    The Ancient Ruins v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...NF2?_locale=en
    Yukinawa Mountains v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...to9?_locale=en
    Astral Rift v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...4im?_locale=en
    Forest Tribe v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...OLe?_locale=en
    Altima v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...rg8?_locale=en
    Upstream v1.0 https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...yv6?_locale=en

    Update list:

    Update 13.4.2016 - Vega City updated to v1.3 and released LHC v1.3
    Update 17.4.2016 - Released Raven Mountains v1.0
    Update 20.4.2016 - Polynesia updated to v1.2, Vega City updated to v1.4, Large Hadron Collider updated to v1.4, Raven Mountains updated to v1.1
    Update 22.4.2016 - Vega City updated to v1.5 and Polynesia updated to v1.3
    Update 23.4.2016 - LHC updated to v1.5 and Raven Mountains updated to v1.2
    Update 25.4.2016 - Released Cargo Isles v1.0
    Update 28.4.2016 - Cargo Isles updated to v1.1
    Update 3.5.2016 - Released Planetarium v1.0
    Update 6.5.2016 - Raven Mountains updated to v1.3
    Update 7.5.2016 - LHC updated to v1.6
    Update 10.5.2016 - Planetarium updated to v1.1
    Update 12.5.2016 - Released Toxic Foundry v1.0
    Update 15.5.2016 - Planetarium has been splitted to two separated parts
    Major Update 17.5.2016 - All tracks have been updated to newer versions including DoF, GPS, GFX improvements and major/minor changes:
    Vega City v1.6
    Polynesia v1.4
    Large Hadron Collider v1.8
    Raven Mountains v1.4
    Cargo Isles v1.2
    Planetarium 1 v1.0
    Toxic Foundry v1.1
    Planetarium 2 v1.0
    Each map now contains one secret place to discover
    Update 19.5.2016 - Released The Old Castle v1.0
    Update 20.5.2016 - Released Atlantic City v1.0
    Update 21.5.2016 - Updated Planetarium 1 & 2 to v1.1 and Toxic Foundry to v1.2
    Update 22.5.2016 - Polynesia updated to v1.5
    Update 24.5.2016 - Vega City updated to v1.7
    Update 25.5.2016 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v1.9
    Update 26.5.2016 - Toxic Foundry updated to v1.3 and Raven Mountains updated to v1.5
    Update 27.5.2016 - Updated Planetarium 1 & 2 to v1.2 and Atlantic City to v1.1
    Update 29.5.2016 - The Old Castle updated to v1.1 and Cargo Isles updated to v1.3
    Update 30.5.2016 - Polynesia updated to v1.6 and Raven Mountains updated to v1.6
    Update 2.6.2016 - Released Metropolis v1.0 and Polynesia updated to v1.7
    Update 3.6.2016 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.0
    Update 9.6.2016 - Released Deep Chasm v1.0
    Update 12.6.2016 - Released Forgotten Island v1.0
    Update 18.6.2016 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.1 and Polynesia updated to v1.8
    Update 20.6.2016 - Released Mystical Reef v1.0
    Update 22.6.2016 - Mystical Reef updated to v1.1
    Update 23.6.2016 - Toxic Foundry updated to v1.4
    Update 27.6.2016 - Planetarium 2 updated to v1.3 and Cargo Isles updated to v1.4
    Update 28.6.2016 - Released Cave Of Fear v1.0 and Planetarium 1 updated to v1.3
    Update 1.7.2016 - Cave Of Fear updated to v1.1
    Update 8.7.2016 - Released Tempest Rocks v1.0
    Update 23.7.2016 - Released Acronixyss v1.0
    Update 5.8.2016 - Released Lost Prehistoric Uplands v1.0
    Update 7.8.2016 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.2
    Update 14.8.2016 - Raven Mountains updated to v1.7
    Update 22.3.2017 - Following tracks have been updated to newer versions including fixes of camera bugs which were caused by latest game update + major/minor changes:
    Lost Prehistoric Uplands v1.1
    Acronixyss v1.1
    Cave Of Fear v1.2
    Tempest Rocks v1.1
    Mystical Reef v1.2
    Polynesia v1.9
    Metropolis v1.1
    Atlantic City v1.2
    Each map is now playable with internal camera
    Update 24.3.2017 - Vega City updated to v1.8
    Update 25.3.2017 - Raven Mountains updated to v1.8 and Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.3
    Update 26.3.2017 - Cargo Isles updated to v1.5
    Update 30.3.2017 - Released The Biofarm v1.0
    Update 2.4.2017 - Raven Mountains updated to v1.9
    Update 3.4.2017 - Toxic Foundry updated to v1.5 and Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.4
    Polynesia removed from the list.
    Update 4.4.2017 - Forgotten Island updated to v1.1
    Update 13.4.2017 - Released Twilight Highlands v1.0
    Update 17.4.2017 - Released Catacombs v1.1
    Update 18.4.2017 - Toxic Foundry updated to v1.6
    Update 21.4.2017 - Planetarium 1 updated to Planetarium v1.4 and Planetarium 2 has been removed from the list.
    Update 24.4.2017 - The Old Castle updated to v1.2 and Cave Of Fear updated to v1.3
    Update 26.4.2017 - Atlantic City updated to v1.3
    Update 27.4.2017 - Released Neon Revolution v1.0
    Update 30.4.2017 - Metropolis updated to v1.2
    Update 1.5.2017 - Released Shanghai v1.1
    Update 7.5.2017 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.5
    Update 8.5.2017 - Released Timeless Mist v1.2
    Update 11.5.2017 - Lost Prehistoric Uplands updated to v1.2
    Update 15.5.2017 - Released Sands Of Madness v1.2
    Update 19.5.2017 - Vega City updated to v1.9
    Update 20.5.2017 - The Old Castle updated to v1.3
    Update 22.5.2017 - Acronixyss updated to v1.2
    Update 23.5.2017 - Neon Revolution updated to v1.1
    Update 25.5.2017 - Planetarium updated to v1.6
    Update 1.6.2017 - Released Ultraxion v1.3
    Update 24.7.2017 - Tempest Rocks updated to v1.2
    Update 27.8.2017 - Metropolis updated to v1.3
    Update 11.11.2017 - Timeless Mist updated to v1.3
    Update 22.12.2017 - Cargo Isles updated to v1.6
    Update 17.1.2018 - Deep Chasm updated to v1.1
    Update 15.2.2018 - Mystical Reef updated to v1.3
    Each map is now VR compatible.
    Update 9.4.2018 - Toxic Foundry updated to v1.7
    Update 18.4.2018 - Released The Volcano v1.0
    Update 16.11.2018 - Released Fortress Of The Legends v1.2
    Update 28.2.2019 - Atlantic City updated to v1.4
    Major Update 5.3.2019 - Following maps have been updated including new objects, richer scenery, GPS, corrected offzones, bug fixes, navigation improvements, updated secret places, security codes, new snapshots and some route changes
    Vega Complex v2.0
    Large Hadron Collider v2.6
    Raven Mountains v2.0
    Cargo Isles v1.7
    Toxic Foundry v1.8
    The Old Castle v1.4
    Metropolis v1.4
    Deep Chasm v1.2
    Forgotten Island v1.2
    Mystical Reef v1.4
    Cave Of Fear v1.4
    Tempest Rocks v1.3
    Acronixyss v1.3
    Lost Prehistoric Uplands v1.3
    The Biofarm v1.1
    Twilight Highlands v1.1
    Catacombs v1.2
    Shanghai v1.2
    Timeless Mist v1.4
    Sands Of Madness v1.3
    Fortress Of The Legends v1.3
    Update 9.3.2019 - Neon Revolution updated to v1.2 including server crash fix
    Update 14.3.2019 - Ultraxion updated to v1.4 and The Volcano updated to v1.1
    Each map is now HDR optimized.
    Update 18.3.2019 - Released Enymultek 2145 v1.1
    Update 19.3.2019 - Large Hadron Collider updated to v2.7 and Metropolis updated to v1.5
    Update 22.3.2019 - Tempest Rocks updated to v1.4
    Mystical Reef and Large Hadron Collider removed from the list.
    Update 23.3.2019 - Forgotten Island updated to v1.3 and Toxic Foundry updated to v1.9
    Update 24.3.2019 - Raven Mountains updated to v2.1
    Update 25.3.2019 - Released Portal v1.0
    Update 1.4.2019 - Sands Of Madness updated to v1.4
    Update 11.4.2019 - The Volcano turbo speed bug at start hotfixed
    Update 29.4.2019 - Released Infested Sewers v1.0
    Update 14.5.2019 - Released Augmented Reality v1.0
    Update 13.9.2019 - Released Skynet v1.0
    Update 20.1.2020 - Released Simulation Cube v1.0
    Update 6.2.2020 - Released Temple At Azure Summit v1.0
    Raven Mountains, The Old Castle, Cave Of Fear and Ultraxion has been removed from the list.
    Major Update 27.3.2020 - All maps have been updated including new Credits4.4, GPS3.6, SP2.2, thumbnails, richer scenery, major and minor route reworks and tweaks, removal of problematic passages, renaming, two complete reworks, better navigation, corrected offzones, improved postprocessing and The Old Castle has been reworked as Castle On The Jade Peak new map.
    Update 1.4.2020 - Hotfixed 8 maps with final tweaks
    Update 6.4.2020 - Fixed rare black screen bug in Tempest Rocks
    Update 11.4.2020 - Hotfixed 6 maps to be more casual friendly
    Update 8.5.2020 - Hotfixed 3 maps to be more casual friendly
    Update 15.5.2020 - Released Tokyo v1.0
    Update 11.6.2020 - Temple At Azure Summit updated to v1.2
    Update 19.6.2020 - Released Trinity Of Spectrum v1.0
    Update 25.6.2020 - 8 maps updated to newest versions influecned by latest community feedback - Metropolis, Twilight Highlands, Augmented Reality, Castle On The Jade Peak, Forgotten Island, Primeval Uplands, Cargo Isles and Atlantic City
    Update 27.6.2020 - Planetarium updated to v2.0
    Update 5.7.2020 - Augmented Reality hotfixed to v1.3 fixing huge speedboost after first ring checkpoint
    Update 23.7.2020 - Portal updated to v1.2
    Update 31.7.2020 - Released The Ancient Ruins v1.0 and Shanghai has been removed from the list
    Update 13.8.2020 - Released Yukinawa Mountains v1.0
    Update 21.8.2020 - Released Astral Rift v1.0
    Update 29.8.2020 - Augmented Reality updated to v1.4
    Update 7.9.2020 - Released Forest Tribe v1.0 and Deep Chasm has been removed from the list
    Update 25.10.2020 - Released Altima v1.0
    Update 3.11.2020 - Enymultek 2145 updated to v1.3 and Twilight Highlands updated to v1.4
    Update 21.11.2020 - Augmented Reality rollback to previous version, Sands Of Madness updated to v1.6 and renamed to Kiribati and Catacombs has been removed from the list
    Update 1.12.2020 - Primeval Uplands updated to v1.6 and renamed to Wetlands
    Update 24.12.2020 - Forgotten Island updated to v1.6 and renamed to Jungle Of The Setting Sun
    Update 4.1.2021 - Released Upstream v1.0
    Update 6.1.2021 - Simulation Cube updated to v1.2

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    Trailer for Vega Complex
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    Trailer for Opreax Cup 2020

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    Trailer for Toxic Foundry
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    Trailer for Trinity Of Spectrum.

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    Trailer for Atlantic City
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    Trailer for Castle On The Jade Peak.
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    Trailer for Cargo Isles
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    Trailer for Planetarium
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    Trailer for Metropolis
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