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    [PC] [How-to] Environment-mixing: different car in different scenery

    Environment mixing is very old technique of changing the car on your maps, for example all players on your Valley map can drive with Stadium Car. Thanks to the tool by Tiggs from ManiaPlanet Forum, you can modify your PC maps to use car different from the environment!

    Note: This technique isn't abusing records or anything else - once the car has been changed, your map must be validated one more time and it's no longer the same as before the change. Also, if you wish to upload this map, all players will drive with the car you switched to.


    Valley w/w Canyon Car

    Canyon w/w Stadium Car

    How to?
    1. Generate a random track in the TrackBuilder Random Generator, on the environment you wish to build new map on.
    2. Save newly generated map and close the game.
    3. Open this folder on your computer: C:\Users\{username}\Documents\TrackmaniaTurbo\{wei rd string}\MapsGhosts\
    4. To change car on your map, download the MapEditorTMT and open your map file. Here you can replace car used on your map with a different one.
    5. Save the map in this application.
    6. Now start your game and go to Manage Your Tracks.
    7. Select your track and edit it. Enter the Classic TrackBuilder, which is available by hovering mouse over the screen top edge, under "gear" icon, 3rd in the popup menu list.
    8. Now you can just press backspace to remove all blocks placed by Random Generator and start making your new map!

    There are 2 things you must know before mixing environments cars:
    1. You can't change the car of your Stadium map. Game will always set the Stadium Car back.
    2. Lagoon magnetic roads work only with Lagoon Car. Stadium, Canyon and Valley Cars don't stick these roads.

    Anyway, hope I helped, enjoy!

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    Texture mods for TMT ?

    This is great news. I have the Stadiumcar in all enviroments for TMU and it made driving all enviroments much more fun.
    I find all the adverts boring in all TM versions and especially TMT. What a waste, that we cant add our own pictures/textures to advert boards and blocks.
    Please can someone get this modded ? The folders and files in TMT seem to be made differently to TMU so we cant change the advert pictures.

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    Parse error - MapEdit

    Hello, thanks for this tutorial me and my friends really LOVE YOU !!!
    But I have a map edit error, it say "Unknown chunk id 0x534b4950 at position 6860
    please if you are able to, can you tell me more about the problem and the solution .
    I hope your answere !

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    As you mix down your environments

    As you mix down your environments, try to see where everything is, within your mind, as you listen. Place some. Try panning effects to one speaker and the source audio to another. Try to make it. Cars peel out, alarms go off.