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    FC3 running unreasonably slowly

    Hi there,
    I bought Far Cry 3 (and all the DLC) on Steam a while back, and recently decided to install and play it.
    Even on the lowest settings, it's unplayable, running at around 13 FPS.
    My computer's specs are at the end of this post, but it well exceeds the recommended hardware. I've played many other modern games on MUCH higher settings, and my computer has effortlessly run everything I've ever thrown at it.
    After doing some searching online, it seems like I'm not the only one to have this problem. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

    PC Specs:
    Processor: 4th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-4700MQ (2.4GHz 1600MHz 6MB)
    Operating System: Windows 10 (fresh install)
    Display/Resolution: 1920x1080
    Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GT755M 2GB
    Memory: 8GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz

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    your getting exactly what you should be getting

    a GTX 755M is not a great GPU ..sorry its not as fast as a Desktop card .. you have a mobile chip

    The NVIDIA GeForce GT 755M is a DirectX 11 graphics card of the middle class. It is based on the Kepler architecture and manufactured by TSMC in a 28-nanometer process. The GK107 chip (384 shaders)

    dont believe me go look it up ! here is a link that Proves your GPU can't run this game at 1920 X 1080

    \scroll to the bottom of the page

    Far Cry 3 2012
    med. 1366x768 - 67.6 fps

    high 1366x768 - 37.4 fps

    ultra 1920x1080 - 13.1 fps

    With all tested laptops playable in detail settings high

    you need a better GPU for FarCry 3 not a laptop one
    unless you get a good gaming laptop with something like sli 900 series nvidia chips

    make sure in Nvidia control panel your GPU Power level is set to prefer maximum performance
    and lower your settings is all you can do or try older drivers

    also try installing Razer Cortex it may help boost your FPS
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