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    The Emblems of the House Auditore

    As we know Ezio Auditore da Firenze was a member of the House Auditore of Florence. Here I will expand on the issue of the emblems and how the Auditore Family evolved through the 14-15 centuries. About their origins we only know yet about Domenico Auditore and his unknown father and that both resided in the Republic of Venice, either in the city of Venice itself or somewhere close to it.

    In the times of Ezio, the Auditore emblem was an emblem filled up with motifs of red and gold lines and red and white squares and a half covered golden eagle. Now back then, the emblems were something like saying the flag of the family and after marriage there was formed a new one with features of both family emblems. So when Giovanni Auditore da Firenze married Maria de' Mozzi, both family emblems united and made the one we see in Ezio's house in Assassin's Creed 2.

    Now if we go to the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni, built by Renato Auditore, we see a reddish version of the Auditore emblem like as it was before 1452. This emblem features a crimson two-headed eagle with an Assassin insignia instead of an eagle's tail, with wide open wings and six feathers. (I think the feathers are the black lighting in the post 1452 Auditore emblem.

    So we could say that when Domenico Auditore and his son, Renato, moved to Florence and became nobles of the city, forming the House Auditore, the first Auditore emblem was like this:

    I concluded to this theory when I saw the Monteriggioni flags on the castles and the Auditore Villa and though that there might be some interesting history in the Auditore emblems.

    Also I must say that a two-headed eagle makes me wonder about Domenico Auditore's father as this symbol is of the Easter Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, and the Seljuk kinghoms...
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    Domenico, the ancestor was a poor orphan in Venice around 1200s right, he might be a Greek refugee or immigrant from the Byzantines in their conflict with the Venetian Republic.

    Domenico's time was after the Fourth Crusade, a period of Latin domination on the Eastern Roman Empire, where the Venetians took over the Islands belonging to them.

    So when it came time to become a nobleman, it's likely he selected the Double Eagle as a tribute to his distant, origins.
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