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    Cannot complete a Hunters Cache Due to Full Pack

    First off! This is an outstanding game and I'm blown away. You guys did an amazing job. I have only found a couple small issues that I am trying to get over to you guys but one of them is preventing me from completing a Hunters Cache - Cave Painting find. I guess because I waited to do the collectibles at the end of the game and had already filled my pack with "Rare Reeds" when I try to grab the "Rare Reeds" within the cave / bear / fish find... basically I'm prevented from doing it and there is no way for me to get around this.

    I don't know if there is a way I can remove the Rare Reeds from my pack but you know come to think of it... there were times were I wished I could've sent things back home instead of keeping them with me. I don't even know if that makes sense but during the game you can fill your pack with things from home but why not be able to send things back so you can stock up and continue collecting more? Maybe that's a dumb idea. Either way... I need to collect Rare Reeds ... and I can't do it... no room for rare reeds... lol

    All the best to the whole team! Can't wait for the 12th! That was surprising news to read about today! Thank you for keeping the game going for us! Is there any talks of bringing a multiplayer like FarCry 3 had had? I loved building the maps and playing online with everyone. That would be nutz with Primal.
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    Hello Dunnbot79 - welcome to the Ubisoft forums! If you craft some items that require the rare reeds, it will free up your pack. Then you should be able to proceed with the task at hand.
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    I have a similar problem, have a hunter's cache with rare striped wolf skin...problem is my pack is full of that, and I have upgraded all the huts that use it. I can't see any way to get to 100%, which I'd been working towards for a long time! Any advice?
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    do you want far cry primal key
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    Can't complete hunter's cache because bag is full

    I'm 99.69% done with the game. The only thing left is the hunter's cache. I found the cache way up the north. But Surprise, my bag is full of North South stone, so I can't use the cache and I can't complete the game. It's been 3 months, I've been playing patiently. Now,I want to pull the hairs off my head.
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    Was there ever a fix to this? Is there a way to drop items in your inventory that are full? All of my weapons and my village are fully upgraded. So how would I get rid of items in my inventory like Rare Red Bitefish Skin? I too want to collect all the hunter's caches but this bug is preventing it. Did anyone find a workaround like changing anything in the game's files?
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    Is there an achievement or other form of reward from gathering these hunter caches? I can pass on this issue to the team.
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    This doesn't affect any achievement or 100% completion but for completionists who like to collect everything on the map, this bug prevents the player from retrieving a "sack" or "hunter's cache" if the contents of the sack/cache is already maxed out in your inventory. A simple solution is to use up the item to free it from your inventory. For example, if the sack contains a sabretooth tiger skin and your inventory is full of sabretooth tiger skin, you won't be able to pick up the sack. So the solution would be to simply use sabretooth tiger skin when crafting a weapon upgrade or village hut upgrade. This would remove a sabretooth tiger skin from your inventory and allow you to pick up the sack/cache. However, the problem arises when you've already upgraded every weapon and every village hut. In that case, you can't get rid of the sabretooth tiger skin and thus, you won't be able to pick up the sack/cache.

    The fix for this would be to allow players to drop inventory items manually (like put it back in the rewards stash or just drop it on the ground wherever you are). Please implement this feature in this or any future update to the game.

    So although it won't affect any achievements, collecting every single treasure chest in the maps of Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 was a significant part of the game for me. Just going about finding the locations of all the chests (some difficult to reach, some not) was pretty fun and an integral part of the game for me (and I'm sure for many others).
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