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    General Echo #25 Not Giving Credit -Tenderloin District W 21st Street

    Does anyone happen to know how to get General Echo #25 to give credit to the achievement. I am assuming it is the one in Tenderloin just off of W 21st Street because I only need one more echo and it is the only one still marked on my map. I have done the echo many times as I keep going back to it. However, it doesn't disappear so I am assuming it is not registering. It is the one that the cleaners burn the man with the inhaler because they think he could be sick

    Anyone know a work around to get it to give credit to the achievement? Thanks.
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    If I'm right you talk about the Division. But we are on the Ghost Recon forum
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    well, this is off topic... but it's still GR forum anyway... so?
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