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    Trackmania Turbo Moderators Team: presentation and join it!

    Hi everyone,

    Players very actived on previous Trackmania games have already joined the Moderators Team of Trackmania Turbo. Here they are:

    They have a deep acknowledge about Trackmania, it's been a while since they are in the Trackmania comunity. Plus they are very great and kind people.
    They are volunteer and do things as best as they can. So thank you for welcome them as much as they deserve it.

    If you want to join the Moderators Team, you are welcome and you have just to send me a private message at AlinoA_.


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    Hello to you all!

    I'm TheM, one of your Turbo moderators on this forum.
    I have been active in the TrackMania-scene since 2006 and since then been active in several different roles.
    Clanleader, ManiaPlanet moderator, ManiaExchange developer and tournament organiser at ESL, just a few of the things I've done.
    I'm furthermore involved in the development of a server controller for ManiaPlanet servers.

    Hopefully we'll have much fun on this forums, as will we in-game.
    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about the forummoderation by me, other questions are welcome in the support forum!

    See you around!

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    Hello to all TrackManiacs,

    Been playing the series since 2006. Not really the best driver around,(lost some interest in the game due to illness and inactivity.). I have been playing around alot with manialinks (Scoreboard stuff for instance) aswell as helping some server controllers make some magic that unfortunately are being missed in this game.

    Hope to see some members of this fine community in game aswell as in real-life.

    Race the tracks to be the Best!


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    Well hello and welcome newcomers and trackmaniacs to TrackMania Turbo^^,

    I'm N-Jin and I'm playing TrackMania since 2005 but i become active in the community since 2011.
    Founder of my multigaming community Gaming Town XeroN (http://gtx-community.com/), maniaplanet german forum moderator, designer and modder especially for maniaplanet.

    Hope to see more newcomers in TrackMania Turbo and also in the forums to get great discussions or to share nice ideas and stuff^^.
    Contact us if you have questions about the forum moderation^^.

    See you online.

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    Hello everybody!

    I am Tatsuto or, as I am known on Uplay, noxwyll.
    I am a volunteer moderator ever since I began moderating trackmania content at maniaplanet.com

    I am mainly moderating the Trackmania Steam Hubs.

    If you have any queston or need help with Trackmania on Steam then let me know!

    Have a nice time!


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    Trackmania Turbo

    Thank you noxwy !
    and keep in tach/

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    Love it.. There are more mods than active users on this forum...

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    Well you know it's not the quantity that counts, but the quality