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    Can't download - stuck at 3.05GB

    Downloading Trackmania Turbo through Uplay - it consistently will get stuck at 3.05 or 3.06GB, and then go no further. CPU sits pegged at 25-30% for the uplay executable, and nothing will happen for hours.

    This is installing to a Samsung Evo 850 SSD, on a Core i5 6600.

    Anyone else getting problems like this? I've run Uplay in Administrator mode, restarted computer/router, tried installing to a different drive, but the above happens every time.

    When I uninstall the game (while it's still "downloading"), the file that's left in the folders is TrackMania_PainterCE_2k.zip. So I can only assume the installer is getting to that file and isn't able to continue.

    At this stage I'm close to getting a refund, as the product isn't fit for purpose.
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    Checking the uplay.exe process to see what is happening, we're stuck with this - this screen has been showing for over 15 minutes now.

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    This is resolved now - automagically decided to work today.
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