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    Local Multiplayer Bug: Hotseat names

    Hey guys,

    So me and a bunch of my buddies were play TMT Hotseat the other night, and we encountered a bug with the "Change Name" function.

    1. When using a gamepad, if you change your name, do the race, and then switch to a new course, all of the previous name selections are gone when you try to set your name again. When you press right or left bumper to access them, instead of getting the previous names, you get "AAAA" which seems like a default answer.

    2. We can't get the "Change Name" function to work with the keyboard. It just wont pull up.

    3. Lastly, they totally need to add a setting to let us modify how much gas-time is allowed for each player. When you play hotseat with like 7+ people, there is just too much gas. It makes the rounds way too long. Also, would it be super hard to implement a "next track" button after each hotseat race?

    Hope this feedback helps,

    (PS: TMT is awesome)
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    I totally agree with all the above, I think those are important fix / updates to implement. Especially the one regarding the gas-time settings! As it is now it ruins a bit the hotseat experience which is core to me in this game.

    Thanks for the awesome game anyway and hope someone will read this and take it into consideration!

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    Thank you for your sweet comments, guys.
    We read this and other reports but I can't tell you if we will provide you with a fix. At least we have the report so thank you guys.
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