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    Local Multiplayer Secret Modes Codes

    In the case you're wondering how to enter specific secret multiplayer mode, take a look at this table!

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    Thank you for the codes!

    Can someone describe each game mode, please?
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    Keywords now i think

    FUN- means collisions (And environmental distractions like a magnet will make you fly or a earthqauke will come ETC
    SMASH- Means you have to Button repetitively hit the accelerate button to go

    MONO SCREEN- means every players are on one screen (no split screen)

    STUNT- means you can do barrel rolls and flips mid AIR with ease

    PRO- NO environmental effects (opposite to fun) but still have collistions

    BONUS- MY PERSONAL FAVOURITE You get weapons (Well sort of)

    Codes These might not be all of them
    (Now there are heap of different variations of theses codes but here the ones i found)
    Split-screen codes

    B-A-X - Classic fun - Collisions Only

    B-A-Y - Classic Pro - Collisions Only (I think)

    B-X-X - Smash Fun - Collisions and Button smashing

    B-X-Y - Smash Pro - Collisions and Button smashing (I think)

    A-B-X - Mono screen Fun - 1 screen and Collisions

    A-B-X - Mono screen Pro - 1 screen and Collisions (I think)

    B-Y-X - Stunt fun - Stunts and Collisions

    B-Y-X - Stunt PRO - Stunts and Collisions (I think)

    B-B-B - Bonus fun - Weapons and Collisions

    B-B-Y - Bonus PRO - Weapons and Collisions (I think)

    (OHHHHH i get it all split Screen Cheats start With B)

    X-X-X - Arcade Smash - Button smashing

    X-Y-B - Arcade Stunt - Stunts

    Hot Seat

    Y-Y-Y - Hot seat stunt - Stunts

    Y-B-A - Hot seat Smash - Button Smashing
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    Originally Posted by djb71 Go to original post

    Thank you!

    I think that PRO means "no collisions", as opposed to FUN.
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    Thank you but i don't understand why these secret code exist O.o
    That system just make difficult the interface and players have to remerber the codes ...
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    I know the diffrence bettween fun and pro

    Fun has environmental thinks like earthqaukes and magnets taht mess with your vehicle

    meanwhile PRO does not have any of them features
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    Differences for PRO & FUN

    Just been playing splitcreen multi player with my house mate and it would seem that:

    FUN - Enables a catch up system so 2nd place gets a speed and acceleration boost while first place gets a speed and acceleration cap. i think the idea is so neither player is ever far from each other keeping the race in a kind of close quarters arcade style fun. The old Burnout series used to implement a similar mechanic.

    PRO - not sure havent tested it yet but i would imagine that the speed modifier in FUN isn't present.
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