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    TMT using wrong resolution

    Hi there.

    I have a little problem with my TMT where i hope you might look into it.
    I have a dual monitor setup with monitor 1 beeing 1680x1050(16:10) and monitor 2 beeing 1440x900(16:10). My TMT is setup to use monitor 1 in 1680x1050.
    Well here's the problem. It starts fine on monitor 1 but using 1440x900 as resolution. Even if the setup-tool and also ingame it says 1680x1050.
    I made an ingame screenshot to look on the resolution used and it say 1440x900. Also some of my icons and my Teamspeak window on monitor 2 are pusched sideways while playing TMT.
    This hasn't been a problem with any previous TM games before, so i'm a bit confused how this could have happened. Please take a look into it.

    Otherwise this game is just great.

    Thanks in advance
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    mines the same, cant display anything above 1080p, i have a 4k monitor. this sucks.
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    My 2560x1440 single monitor seems like the game is using a 20 fov, making me sic.
    I wonder if something simmilar is going on here?
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    For me the game is running in 4:3, even though 1920x1080 is selected.
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