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    Who wants to watch a video from new zealands best and 49th best player in this beta

    Now you guys may ask how i got into the top 50 and what place i got, now i got some answers in the video but if not just post a comment on this or send an email through to my personal email: strin22@hotmail.co.nz
    Here is the link to the youtube video and trust me this isnt a scam i dont think anyways, i just want you guys to know that i want you guys to subscribe to my youtube channel and watch some of my other video because you may enjoy.
    You all have a nice day and ill talk again very soon.
    Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLiyC_VV9NM

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    First of all, congrats, second of all, like the enthusiasm.

    Unfortunately this track is trash and personally, I think your racing is rusty. From 1st in Aus.