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    Getting the PC Trial through Steam

    Hi there,

    When the Trackmania Turbo PC Trial will arrive sometime tomorrow, there will be a little manipulation to do for the Steam users.

    You'll have to display the key by right-clicking on the TMT Demo name in your Steam game library and select "Display CD-Keys". Then you must insert the key on the Uplay client (not the overlay, the client) via the "Activate a product" button.

    Once done you'll be able to play to the demo

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    Do you know the time when the game can be downloaded

    I'm so hyped of this game and woud like to know when I can start playing!

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    So i bought the game in Steam and i still have to use uplay?

    1. That sucks.

    2. I cant display the Key so i cant preload, when will the steam game be activated? Steam says aprx. 22 Hours...

    i planed on playing this night cause i waited for this game for a really long time now....

    EDIT: And what do you mean by TRIAL?

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    I think he means for people who haven't bought it. Ubi's not THAT heartless. :P But they can correct me if they are...
    I doubt we even have to go through the same steps to activate the game if we've purchased, Steam probably won't let them add a demo properly this close to release time so rather than push it back for a third (fourth? fifth? seven-billion-and-a-halfth? I'm not even sure how to count what they've done with the PC release) time, they're putting the demo out through Uplay.

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    so its a demo tmrw?!

    So tomorrow there will only be a demo release?! What in gods name are they doing... times up!

    SO i have to wait until tomorow so i can get the code from steam so i can active it in the worst possible game enviroment (uplay) so i can play a DEMO?!

    i LOVE trackmania and i was looking forward to this game in november. Now this... guys you're really killing it...

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    Lmao guys, that's only the worst possible interpretation of what's being said. Steam says the full game will unlock in 24 hours and Steam, being a computer doing what the big companies tell it to do, doesn't tend to lie about what those big companies tell it to do.
    Pretty sure what they're saying is that a demo will release at the same time as the full game and that they weren't able to get the demo files onto Steam in time, so it has to download through Uplay. Uplay not having a store means you can't just go in there and click on it so they need you to be able to activate it some other way.

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    Hope you're right!

    I really really hope you are right! I can't make any sense of it really
    Lets hope the game will be downloadable at midnight in steam!

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    Still Waiting For Download!

    Like i said in another forum post:

    So it's not available on PC but already on consoles (there is a bug as expected). It's 7 o'clock in the morning (UTC +1) [Germany]. I'll try to keep you updated, when the PC version is live (at least for me).
    EDIT: Steam Countdown runs out in 11h. (still UTC +1)
    So let's be patience
    EDIT: Game is now online and Download is availabile

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    Its here! :d

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    Released !!!

    Game now online and Download available! Have Fun