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    FAQ - Have a question? Look here!

    While browsing the forum, I collected some questions that repeated very often and wrote some answers to them.
    Also, feel free to ask anything here, in this topic.


    How can I change my pad bindings?
    Unfortunately you can't change gamepad bindings on console version of the game. On PC you can remap controls for the keyboard via status bar options menu, but not for the pad. Nadeo is working on a solution and pad bindings change will be possible with the next PC update. We don't know if consoles will get this option too.

    How does the joker system works?
    If you get stuck on one track without gold medal, you have to beat the silver medal at least twice on this track to exchange them for a gold one. It's done for players that aren't really that good in the game and would probably never see all campaign maps, because they can't win gold. Medals obtained with jokers probably don't count for garage unlocks progress.

    Is there a keyboard/mouse friendly alternative for the gamepad track editors?
    Yes, you can access the same editor from TrackMania 2, if you're playing on PC. Simply open your track (or create new one) and once the track has loaded, hover your mouse cursor over the top screen edge to display status bar. Click the gear icon and from the list select "Classic TrackBuilder". Game will warn you that you won't be able to edit this map in normal editors once converted and ask for save before switching.

    Can I save my race replays and watch them later? Does the game feature MediaTracker (replay editor)?
    It's possible on the PC version. While racing, press R button to save current run replay. If you wish to save your last race replay, restart the track and press E to save it. You can later open saved replay via special menu, which you can find by hovering mouse over top screen edge, on the gear icon options list on the status bar.

    How can I turn off the other cars on the map?
    In solo just play without opponents. It's not possible Online, but you can at least hide cars names by pressing dpad up on gamepad or ` on keyboard.

    I have tried switching cameras, but there isn't camera 1 from old TrackMania games.
    The camera type 1 is not present in the game and many players complain about this. Hopefully Nadeo will see our feedback and implement this camera within next update(s).

    Can I download and play custom maps directly ingame?
    Yes, but only in the Arcade mode (and other modes available in the Multiplayer menu). Just select the TrackBuilder workshop after choosing the mode and go to the Online tab to see track from various users. You can also filter them by type and length.

    Is it possible to use block-mixing on our custom maps?
    Although Nadeo used block-mixing a bunch of times for the official campaign tracks, we are not able to use this feature in map editors, nor the Classic TrackBuilder. Nadeo wants to prevent users from making ugly looking maps with flickering textures and bad blocks transitions. I have seen some tests of user-enabled block-mixing, but I don't know if the author will send us some sort of Unlimiter for Turbo in near future.

    How I can create a good thumbnail for my own tracks?
    It's actually hard to create a good map thumbnail for your maps, as you can only have in-race picture taken or top view. On consoles, try to find a good looking turn or loop, climb a high hill and take picture from there. On PC you can access the Classic TrackBuilder, where you can test the map from any possible spot, just place the car where you have the best look on the map and take a pic.

    What is TrackMaster medal?
    TrackMaster medal is given to player, who beat the track author time. It used to be called author medal or Nadeo medal in previous TrackMania games.

    How do I change my car?
    TrackMania is the game, where car type depends on the map environment and all players must drive with the same vehicle type. In previous games, it was possible to make maps on which all players could play also with the same car, but from different environment.

    If I bought Turbo will I get ManiaPlanet environments for free?
    "Yes, we wish to give ManiaPlanet Lagoon for free to every TrackMania Turbo owner. On console, I hope we will be able to do it through the UPlay account, but it's still to be confirmed." - Hylis

    Is it possible to play in Double Driver mode via internet? Is it possible to use Split Screen mode to play as 2 players on the online servers?
    Nope. These are only local play features.
    "Double Driver is a local feature, can't use it online." - Cerovan

    Is the handling of Turbo cars the same as original ManiaPlanet one?
    Nadeo promises it is the same, but some people, who have tried Turbo say it feels a bit different. Valley dirt feels a lot easier to handle, Stadium might feel a bit different while drifting.
    "Gameplay has no change in the code (except from initial physic state, like for example the start line has moved)." - Hylis

    Will the Turbo blocks be included in ManiaPlanet with next update? Are these magnetic roads in Lagoon exclusive for Turbo or will we have them in ManiaPlanet too?
    Most of these blocks with new gameplay mechanics will be included. Fancy donuts and other stuff probably not. Lagoon magnetic roads will be also available in ManiaPlanet, and maybe in custom blocks too.

    When are updated rankings on the website:
    Rankings on the website are refreshed once a day.
    The rank you can see in game is an approximation of your current rank. This is why the rank displayed on the site and the rank displayed on the site are often different.

    How to Enable the Classic Track Editor (from Maniaplanet) in Trackmania Turbo PC?
    Look at this really simple and small guide to enable the classic track editor in Trackmania Turbo PC: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=652951289

    How to play Double Driver online on the same computer!
    Originally Posted by AEFY_Bobby Go to original post
    Yesterday I played DD in DD solo mode with a friend and we reached track 66 (with a trackmaster time of 32.00 btw :O).
    We then went to normal campaign and we were both controlling the car! 
    To verify this we went online and guess what? We were able to play online us 2 on the same computer!
    Here is how to do this:
    Plug at least 2 controllers: one with a wire first (xbox360 controller for us) then connect as many wireless (Xbox One for example) controller to your windows 10 adapter. everybody should now be able to navigate in menus. If not, retry the manipulation and then ENJOY!
    I think I won't work with 2 wire controllers but It might work with only wireless controllers and even maybe with a keyboard.
    Because you can connect 8 controllers to your adapter, you might be able to have 10 players controlling a car at the same time!
    Hope you liked this tip. Don't forget to add me ingame as a friend and to join my lobby with rank 2 and more players only and maps from mr.dvd, strollin, danneboy, members of my team,... All 4 environnements are represented equally and each map has been tested multiples times before being added to the track list.
    Is there a way to create forced cam changes in track editor on pc?
    Originally Posted by atomariel Go to original post
    Okay so:

    1- Move your mouse to the top right of the screen and click on the gear icon

    2- Select "Classic Trackbuilder" (Or something along those lines)

    3- Convert the track

    4- Now, on the bottom right, you should see a symbol next to a flag, that when you click on it, brings up a Media Tracker menu, where you can choose what you want to edit. Ingame, and something else, but I don't use that so meh.

    5- If you know how to create cam-changes, then you can just do that there, it's just like in TM²

    6- If you don't, then here's how: These transparent blocks you can place are Triggers, driving through them activates a set of blocks that you add to these triggers, cam changes, FX Colors, etc.

    7- Bottom left of the mediatracker, you can see the Trigger-group (left box) and the Block-group of the selected Trigger-group (right box). Click on the + above the Block-group to add a block.

    8- Cam changes should be Camera Race, if I remember right. Anyways, just add that.

    9- Now if nothing shows up on the left side, click on either the end or the start of the block in the timeline on the bottom.

    10- Where it says something along the lines of "default", select Internal.

    11- Now, create a new Trigger-group by pressing the + above the left box mentioned under 7.

    12- Place the triggers of it where you want the camera to switch back to your default camera, and leave the trigger empty.

    Some of it might be a bit different ingame, this is completly out of memory right now x)

    But anyways, this is how it's done, hope I explained it well enough
    Which rules to follow for having Ladder Servers (echelon 6 to 9)?

    Originally Posted by magnetik

    There are a few rules for a server to follow in order to be promoted. They were a little bit too restrictive so no rooms were respecting them.

    They are explained there : https://players.turbo.trackmania.com/ps4/rooms/rules

    And you can see the rooms that are promoted on the game2web for:
    PlayStation 4: https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...ms?room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=60000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=70000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=80000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=90000

    Xbox One: https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...ms?room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=60000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=70000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=80000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=90000

    PC: https://players.turbo.trackmania.com...ms?room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=60000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=70000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=80000&room_filter[ladderLimitMin][]=90000
    How does the online ranking work?

    There are 9 echelons, from 0 to 9. You start at the echelon 0 and the highest echelon is 9. To level up to the next echelon, you have to win Ladder Points on servers.
    You can only join a server if you have at minimum the same echelon as the server you want to race on.
    For example, if you are echelon 3, you can play on servers echelon 0, 1, 2 or 3.
    The more you climb up the ladder, the more you need to play on servers with a high echelon requirement, in order to keep on winning Ladder Points.
    On servers from echelon 0 to 5, you can win up to 60 000 Ladder Points.
    On servers echelon 6, you can win up to 80 000 Ladder Points.
    On servers echelon 7 and 8, you can win up to 90 000 Ladder Points.
    On servers echelon 9, you can win the maximum amount of Ladder points: 100 000.

    Where can I see controls for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?

    PlayStation 4

    Xbox One

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    Ranking system

    1. I have read somewhere that it is true that the ingame ranking is not in sync with the ranking that can be found in the game center?
    I guess its a bug, so do my points still count correctly towards my ranking, or is this also part of the bug and it gonna need a fix?

    2. Will ghost replay's eventually come to the console version, maybe also with a full media tracker?

    3. Are there gonna be leaderboards with times viewable in the game center, and is this also gonna be viewable on console?

    4. Are there already mentions that track names/server names can be edited?

    5. Will it be possible to see the world record times on the maps?

    6. I also read somewhere, and i hope i interpreted it correctly, that tm turbo is kinda a finished product, whereas the older versions (i think they meant tm2??) will still get major updates and added features?

    7. Is it ever gonna be even possible to have the sort of custom content that the pc versions always had? Or is that impossible due to the fact that game files, as far as I know, cannot be edited on console's which restrict the usage of most of the custom content?

    I hope you can give me answers on this questions

    thanks in advance!

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    I hope it too . I wish me the alltime and private leaderbords per map

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    (I'm french and my english is bad, the french moderator is not here, so it's the reason of because i'm here.

    Hi, I have a question.

    Can I take a PS4 track on the PC ? If yes, how we do this pls ?


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    It's not possible to have a PS4 track on PC.

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    Originally Posted by AlinoA_ Go to original post
    It's not possible to have a PS4 track on PC.
    AlinoA, could you check the pm i sended please (it's related to the question above)

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    Hi there,

    Are there plans that there will be a search option to search for lobbys of friends or other players who own the game
    because you now have to search through the whole list in the lobby to find your friends lobby it would make it so easy.


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    Originally Posted by Cowboy_Johnny73 Go to original post
    Hi there,

    Are there plans that there will be a search option to search for lobbys of friends or other players who own the game
    because you now have to search through the whole list in the lobby to find your friends lobby it would make it so easy.

    I wouldn't count on any big updates as i believe Hylis "explanation" text (https://forum.maniaplanet.com/viewto...?f=524&t=37718) was meant to say that they won't release anything more because that would likely destroy the simplicity of the game which they wanted.