I have two very short questions:

1. Why is the Dolby Digital and Digital Theater Systems (DTS) sound not working properly in almost all of Ubisoft's games? I mean LFE and all the other channels, it get's downmixed to stereo (AC) or you don't hear sound at all (Watch Dogs)
2. When is Ubisoft going to fix this issue? (No this is not an XAudio 2 issue, not confinced? Test XAudio 2 Surround sound here: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=6831) Since I think their games will sound really good in surround sound with the proper encoding.

To Ubisoft, please DO NOT reply with, "change your audio settings to stereo and make sure that the freaking this is working at all."

I have received way to much of these messages from the support team before.


On behalf of all of the Ubisoft gamers