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  • Too easy.

    5 20.00%
  • Too hard.

    1 4.00%
  • Just right. Don't change anything.

    5 20.00%
  • Inconsistent. It depends on your level and area.

    14 56.00%
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    [Far Cry Primal] - Your thoughts on Expert Mode.

    Hi everyone.

    Now that players have had enough time with Far Cry Primal, we'd love to hear your thoughts on how you found the games "Expert Mode". Did you find it too easy? Too hard? Are there any changes you would have made?

    With all of these questions in mind, please answer the poll based on your experience and leave any additional feedback you may have on the topic in the comments below.

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    I voted to easy!


    I voted 'to easy' on Expert Mode, because it is! When u have a owl and a sabertooth, you dont have to do anything.
    When you try to get a outpost, you can just hide in a bush and take all enemies by owl and beast!
    Even the shield enemies.

    I have finished the game and defeated the final end boss Batari, she shoots with a bow.
    When you are hit with a fire arrow, you die instant what i like so i can try again and again and again...

    So what i would change is the difficulty of the game, let the player die a lot more so he can try.
    Let the player use other tactics and become a master of Far Cry Primal !

    I hope this review helps and you can use it!

    Greetings a fan of Far Cry Primal!

    Daniël G.
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    Expert Mode

    I think it is probably a bit too easy. I put off getting the 'extra health bar' skills until I'd finished the game because I wanted a bit more of a challenge. In expert mode, you shouldn't really be able to take 10 hits from a cave bear without dying, then instantly heal yourself back to full health when you're close to dying. Healing should be much less effective, and you should have a lower max health. I think that would balance things well 😊 The alternative is to make everyone else much harder to kill, which would break the immersion and make it too unrealistic if the other cavemen could withstand multiple spears to the head!
    So yeah, in conclusion I think Takkar should just have a bit less health, especially in the end-game.
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    I choose answer "Inconsistent. It depends on your level and area."
    If I meet some random enemies in Oros, there are very easy. Almost all missions are easy, except mission with Batari (her last mision). This was realy hard! And outposts.
    Only, what I want, are smarter enemies. Do not change the level of injury when hit by a player only enhance the artificial intelligence.
    Make harder taming animals. For example, player must push keys, what show on monitor. Not only E, but series E-S-J-K. I hope, you know what I mean.
    Sorry for bad english.

    EDIT: I add this pool on my czech fanweb in cz language for czech fans.
    Too easy = Příliš jednoduché.
    Too hard = Příliš těžké.
    Just right. Don't change anything. = Tak akorát. Nic neměňte.
    Inconsistent. It depends on your level and area. = Rozporuplná. Záleží na úkolu a vylepšeních.
    Results = Výsledky
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    Also went with inconsistent due to some Tank Classed npcs and the sometimes OTT accuracy of some opponents when at range. In addition, difficulty can depend on what other things you toggled on or off for examnple taking off the minimap makes a bigger difference to game difficulty in some ways. Overall I do not think Expert is currently too difficult but perhaps others things could be looked at too when balancing the overall gameplay challenge.

    With damage modification it might be better - slightly more logical too - if both player and enemy damage were both further increased I noted Fallout 4 is doing this with their survival mode. That would make tank style npcs less over the top but also make even weaker threats - more equally - dangerous. Why should the big damage opponents often have the largest hitpoints or constitution too. Making it that you have to hit any opponent multiple times - is a pretty dull and boring battle mechanic - especially in a fast paced game. Possibly staying alive ought to be more about striving not to be struck in general rather than having to hit a weapon spongy opponent over and over again.

    Beyond this there is the possibility of adding survival style mechanics talked about in other threads.
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    I love expert


    I love expert level, first couple mission was hard without Sabertooth.. But anyway i can handle this! My problem this level, When i want to use any "stealth" animal for get X or Y they saw it and i screw the stealth status. I think just improve Animal AI a bit and it's gonna be more fun.
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    I think, for expert mode, there is 2 things to rewxork :

    - The player should have way less item on the inventory and upgrades (skill or inventory slots) should not be so "overpowered" or gamebreaking (more than 50 meat or arrow, thats really too much and non-productive for the core gameplay, you never NEED something to have to think another way to do... for exemple too much item to flamming weapon, so fire source are useless). In one word, where is "survival" when you carry so much to be invicible.

    - Pet should be more "persistant" : only one at time, take another one replace him, if he fall player have to feed him or lose him, and drastically nerf the "menu resurrection" capacity (in conjonction with the other suggestion, player should use, for exemple, 13 red plant but could carry only 5 at start of the game to 15 with all upgrades).
    with that, only the 3 specials pet should have a "menu invoc" because they are unique.
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    Expert Mode isn't the answer.

    First I want to say I love this game, and had a great time with it in the last few weeks. But you are not going to make gamers happier by trying to re-balance the difficulty level. That isn't the big problem. The problem is that you cut and pasted the same 7 or 8 side quests to fill the game with content. The game is actually so good that this can be forgivable, but severely limits the replay value. I have saved the same Wenja from captivity more than 100 times now. What was the purpose of having two starting points for every side quest? That is confusing and annoying.

    This could have been one of the best games ever made, but you should have taken a page from the Grand Theft Auto series on quest progress and development. You didn't need to make advanced quests with fancy programming, gamers just want something interesting to do even if its finding a unique animal, plant, or item in the game. The Urki quests were fantastic. The most important guidelines to developing side quests should be to make every one different enough so gamers won't notice cut and paste programming, and to challenge us through quests to use all the great features, skills, and game mechanics. If you are going to make us do the same quest, limit it to two or three times. There should have been a quest designed around every animal, weapon, skill, and mechanic in the game to force us to use them. Because of the repetitive nature of the quests there is very little incentive. It's really a shame that many people will play Far Cry Primal only using the Sabretooth tiger and only taking enemy territories by bombing and attacking with the owl, and then stop playing.
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    ^^ More random elements within encounters and side missions would help. Anything that made events and missions less predictable on replays, even simply not always encountering the same configuration / number of guards in any given mission type would be a considerable gameplay boon.

    Also think the inventory is far too generous and towards the end gets a bit silly, Where does he put it all? Would be better if you had to loot more weapons from the fallen in a big battle. Crafting on the fly is far too easy as well reducing the challenge of having to think before you act since you can just instantly make more arrows or whatever.
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    Far too easy.

    But, Could easily be improved with a few tweaks.

    1) density of animal population to be reduced... Therefore making hunting more difficult, and your health resource harder to come by!
    2) abundance of resources to be reduced.
    3) day and night cycle to last much longer - this is a must!!!
    4) effectiveness of winter clothing to be reduced.
    5) perhaps items could only be crafted at camps, and players would have to sleep to allow time to pass? Which would make for more thoughtful preparation on the players part?

    As a side note - the Enemies and there attack damage Feels close to what it should be.

    I think however your UPGRADED WEAPONS - maybe too effective on Expert mode, they do too much damage.
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