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    don't shoot my friend in the back when he's going for the exit

    Me and my friends were running for the exit. Notice three guys following him. Me and another friend were just a little bit behind him and they didn't notice them. They went rouge on my friend then instantly get destroyed 😂😂

    Sorry first time posting might be in wrong section
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    You knew they were trash before you killed them, since it took all 3 of them opening up on one guy several seconds to deal 20% of his life and go rogue.
    On the PC version, you'd be subject to some really horrible language after an event like that!
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    Same thing happened to me and my buddy. One guy had to go AFK for a sec so we ran to the checkpoint. Instead of these guys shooting him in front of us like with your case, they waited till two got inside and then shot the last guy. He said they went rogue on him and as he was dying I said "well here I come".

    Ran outside and to the ladder, shot a sticky and just unloaded on them on the ladder. They were tying to get up into the contaminated cheese spot. Here's the tail end of the video. Unfortunately it didn't get all the footage.

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