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    id nya ganti masbro? di invite ga bisa
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    helloooo agents..

    just finished up level 30. rehat bentar, boring main solo. sekarang mau main lagi. orang kantoran so main diatas jam 9 malam kalau weekdays. feel free add me

    PSN ID : luckytango21
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    Both yg bs main bareng

    Hi, saya prngguna Xbox, apakah masi Ada yg main division 1? G pernah jumps Indonesia Dr kmaren²... Iya level 18/dz 2.. GT :radjabatak
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    Siapa tau ada pengguna PC mau maen bareng
    DIV 1 masih level 25.
    DIV 2 baru level 8.
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    Main Bareng

    kapan2 main bareng yuk.

    id: Schiezka

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    Salam kenal

    Hi, All....

    Salam kenal....

    agent level 30, DZ level 5, masih newbie

    PSN ID: ASJPlay

    looking forward to play with you, guys....
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