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    Patch Notes - Title Update Two

    Fellow Wenja!

    Now that everyone has had a chance to learn the lay of the land of Oros, we’re happy to announce the second title update for Far Cry Primal.

    This update introduces several game fixes, along with some additional HUD changes, including the ability to disable the HUD entirely, which should allow for some spectacular prehistoric photo opportunities!

    The full list of changes can be found below.

    • Stability & Performance
      • Improved performance and stability
      • Fixed low occurrence specific crashes

    • Gameplay
      • Improved the overall difficulty of a mission
      • Fixed an edge case issue where the XP is not updated
      • Fixed issue where the kills from companion animals does not update under specific condition
      • Fixed a bug where a weapon switched automatically when using the speed boost
      • Fixed a rare issue where the player is vulnerable when trying to heal
      • Fixed a low occurrence issue where the player is unable to loot
      • Fixed an issue where the player can be teleport outside the mission zone when riding any animals
      • Fixed issues with Hardsave not functional if the user performs specific action
      • Fixed a trophy update issue when taming one of the beasts
      • Fixed a player’s movement issue when capturing an outpost
      • Fixed a 2 seconds freeze when player pauses the game during few specific animations
      • Fixed a waterfall effect issue during a cinematic
      • Fixed an edge case issue where the player cannot pet smaller companions
      • Fixed an issue where the “heal beast” and “ride” actions does not always work on sloping terrain
      • Fixed a blood trail visual issue when using the hunting vision

    • Lighting and FX
      • Fixed some lighting issues in specific areas

    • Wildlife and AI
      • Improved the AI navigation in a specific outpost
      • Fixed low occurrence navigation issues with the companions
      • Fixed some edge case animation issues with animals and companions

    • Missions/Activities/World
      • Fixed Missions and Activities blockers when performing specific actions
      • Fixed few spawning issues with the players and specific animals
      • Fixed an issue where the player can complete one of the mission twice
      • Fixed issues where the player can’t climb a vine when performing certain actions
      • Fixed edge case issues where the player can remain stuck if he interacts with stones and plants
      • Fixed an issue where the player is unable to fast travel
      • Fixed objective issues when performing specific actions
      • Fixed edge cases navigation issues in the World

    • Menu/UI/Map
      • Added an option to not show enemies in the minimap
      • Added a button to disable the HUD option
      • Added new tutorial page to match description and picture
      • Fixed an issue where a button is misplaced in the reward stash
      • Fixed some displaying issues with the HUD and the World Map
      • Fixed an issue where a fail prompt does not appear under specific conditions
      • Fixed an issue where the XP prompt remains present on the HUD
      • Fixed icons issues in specific activities
      • Fixed few minor issues where a waypoint is not displayed properly
      • Fixed an issue where the outpost counter does not update
      • Added a visual guideline for one of the achievements

    • Audio
      • Fixed a sound issue with burning fire during the playgo
      • Added a missing SFX during a specific Quick Time Event attack
      • Added a missing Audio line during a cinematic

    • Localization/Text
      • Fixed issues when subtitles go past menu borders in some languages
      • Fixed an issue where collectibles text can be overlapped by an event notification
      • Added missing subtitles when skipping a cinematic
      • Fixed incorrect messages appearing on screen after specific actions

    • PS4 : 577MB
    • XBONE : 570MB

    We hope that you’ve enjoyed your time with Takkar and the Wenja tribe so far! If you’d like to discuss the game further, you can do so on our Far Cry Primal Forums, or catch us on Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks again and happy hunting!
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    And on PC? Will soon?
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    Originally Posted by CZ-BackPa Go to original post
    And on PC? Will soon?
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    Wow, that was a surprise!
    I have now tamed the snowblood wolf. Nice fix!
    Thank you so much!
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    My PC copy just updated to v1.2.
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    mine did as well thanks i gotta try it out !
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    1.2 on pc

    Updated as well on PC. Mouse is still broken.
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    Add more option to change the resolution in PC

    Add more options to change the resolution of the game. It will help improve the performance for those with minimum system requirements.
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    Thank you

    Just wanted to say thanks to the team for the new patch, I have personally found stability of Primal on PS4 very good for a game i bought prior to and had delivered on release day, ignoring a few rare crashes that hardly impacted my overall gameplay enjoyment. Looking forward to continuing playing in Oros now in 1.02.
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    Originally Posted by mazora Go to original post
    Updated as well on PC. Mouse is still broken.
    Mouse working fine now (for me)
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