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    Assassin's Creed Syndicate Infinite Loop in The Last Maharaja Missions

    During the The Last Maharaja mission pack, in the mission 'A Good Send Off,' I restarted from a checkpoint, and I am now stuck in an infinite loop of a loading screen and then reloading of that loading screen. I am on PC. Is there any solution for this? Closing and restarting the game doesnt fix this problem as continuing brings me right back into the loop.
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    I have the same problem right now. It has been a month and this has not been fixed yet?


    I do not have a backup. What am I supposed to do now?

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    Does anyone still experience the same issue? I do.
    I'm getting worried that this issue is forgotten and I have no other choice but to erase my saved game completely to play ACS once again.

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    Hello all,

    we are very sorry to hear your are experiencing issues with the game. You can find some troubleshooting on the Support website. If this doesn't help, please contact the support, they will be able to assist your further depending on your configuration.

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    I have the same problem, every time I start the game it loads the checkpoint but in a istant I lose and the loop continues. I had this problem months ago and like always Ubisoft is still not able to fix the problem. The only thing they say is "contact support" which (for sure) in turn will reply "we don't know how to help you, please restart the whole game"
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    I report for a minute, this issue was resolved for me. Probably because the game has updated to 1.5.
    But then again, how stupid, I just....failed to fully synchronize with it, then hit to reload last checkpoint, and bam!, the loop is back!

    Call me an idiot.

    Anyway, I wonder if others experienced "out of loop". If the brief "fix" followed by the update could be reproduce, can this problem be bypassed?
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    Thanks to @mieramen and his wonderful workaround I was able to continue the game (I had to wait a lot of months to find this solution, thanks Ubisoft for not having fixed this bug in all this time...). While the original post talks about another mission, the workaround is fully valid. You have to wait until the loading screen with the player that can run into the virtual world ends, and just before the screen goes fully black (before your character spawn into the game) you have to press the windows button. You then wait a few seconds and maximize again the window. At that point, if everything has been done correctly you should be at the start of the mission of the river, ready to end it. Please note that if you don't complete that part before leaving the game again, the next time you restart the game you will have the same problem as before, but the workaround seems to always be successful.

    P.S. Maybe forum moderators should verify if this fix really works for everyone that has this problem, and in case post it as an official workround in a sticky thread. I highly doubt that Ubisoft will ever release a fix for this bug after so many months from the release of the game
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