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    My personal 5 Anno facts
    I have been playing the Anno series since version/year: since Anno 1602
    Total playtime of Anno 2205 in hours: 240
    Total employee count in Anno 2205: over 1M
    Corporation Level: 100
    Uplay or Steam - I play Anno via: Uplay

    3 things I like about Anno 2205 (please keep it short)
    1. The option to move buildings. I was rather sceptical at the announcement, turned out to be the best new feature imho.
    2. Nice looks of the nature.
    3. Oh well, just to fill in - Modules

    3 things I would improve about Anno 2205 (please keep it short)
    1. Ships. Docks and navy to build from scratch by the player, warships would be like 1404/2070 monuments and more. Upgradable/improvable via researchable and player built modules and components. Several options to develop them, with sensible trade-offs to consider. Repareable off battle map for resources and time, if lost on the battle map - lost for good. Who said life was easy?
    2.Complete overhaul of the crisis sectors to accommodate #1. Could even be turned into turn-based tactical maps Panzer General style, only on water. Intervention frequency and toughness based on difficulty level, failure to act or retreat results in goods in shipment loss (percentage). Entire sectors could be cut off completely. In other words - give Drake some teeth. He's a harmless clown now. But victories must be rewarding as well.
    3. NPCs and quests. Give some purpose for NPCs, some diplomacy options. Make them play dirty tricks (or do good turns) and not only against the player - against each other as well. Some real competition is needed, they could scheme and turn to the player for help against each other, remember your choices, choose to be vengeful or forgiving. And quests should be timed and reworked. Is it really fun to kick an impotent man lying face down (aka Virgil Drake)?
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    Application phase ended - Thank you for the huge amount of applications!

    Hi, dear Anno-Fans!

    The appplication phase is over, how do we proceed?

    • Summary: A summary of all applications (INT + DE) is in progress right now.
    • Selection: The 12 test candidates will be chosen during the next 2-3 hours.
    • Contacting: Approx. this afternoon, we will send E-Mails to the 12 "chosen ones".
      Please check your e-mail inbox today to ensure that the tests can start tomorrow as intended!
    • Status update: Status updates will be posted on the forums, right after we sent all 12 e-mails.

    To all of you who won't be able to join this particular test: More events like this are planned. Several Community members stated they would like to have more tester spots. Together with the experiences of this first preliminary fan test, your wish for more spots will be discussued internally. The team wants to provide you with a good gaming (and testing) experience. Your Community-Team will keep you updated about next steps and future tests, once the facts and learnings are set to stone.

    Have a nice day!
    BB_Graubart for the entire team
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