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    Memory Leak Issue

    I am experiencing the memory leak issue. EVGA x58 SLI, i7 920, EVGA GTX 970 SSC, 12GB corsair dominator, SSD Drive, Win 10 x64, nVidia 262.00 drivers - I recently rolled back from newest drivers after seeing they were causing issues and haven't really tested on 262.00 yet
    After a half hour or more in game I start to experience FPS issues and my music program starts making clicking noises or crashes or freezes. I did not experience this issue on either beta or launch week. I've tried itunes, groove music and musicbee to try and remedy the issue but all three crash due to the memory leak issue. Please advise.

    Many other people reporting the issue here: https://www.reddit.com/r/thedivision...on_pc_version/
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    Yep, something is very wrong. I run a 4690k @ 4.3, 980ti @ 1400/7800, 16GB Ram (1600mhz) and i'm getting horrendous fps drops down into the 50's. Tried without any OC at all and still getting it. Worst part of the map is on 5th Ave around the sports store all the way north.

    MSI Afterburner shows choppy GPU use and a staggering 11 gigabytes of RAM use, WTF is that about? And as people already noticed, 100% CPU use ALL the time.
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