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    [BUG] Blocked users showing up as friends on the map - PS4

    So, I've blocked a number of users over the years due to blind invites and friend requests in games such as Destiny and ESO (I'm easily irritated). and while playing The Division, I was confused as to why I saw people on my map showing as friends. I finally viewed the profile of one of these 'friends' and it was a blocked user, not a friend.

    I realize this may seem trivial, but it seems this could be abused by anyone wanting to track specific people in the Dark Zone.
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    Yup, I noticed this as well as have most everyone else I know that has blocked users on their PSN. It appears The Division does not differentiate friend from foe out of game (so I guess this is The Divisions out of game Dark Zone?).
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    i really don't want to be reminded of the jerk I blocked...

    I came here to report the same bug.

    In my case, the dude I blocked was a jerk from Destiny who sent me a bunch of voice messages with threats (he even invoked the name of Lizard Squad as a reason not to mess with him ). I reported him. I blocked him. I moved on. This all went down in January 2015.

    I can still see him roaming the map as a "Friend".

    I think these people are showing up because of the request system. This guy sent me a request to join his fireteam (Destiny), which I declined (because I knew a common troll technique was to put people on your fireteam, then boot them which sends them back to orbit/out of play.)

    Please fix this! I thought I was done with this asshat!
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    Glad someone else is posting about this as well. I have been seeing the same issue,. Hell I blocked them on PSN for a reason. I guess its just me and my anxiety that hates seeing people i blocked playing in a game I am. Hate to imagine iif I had an ex on psn that I blocked and have to keep seeing thier name pop up in the division. That would really suck lol
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