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    Deleted World

    My brother recently created a new game on FarCry Primal. I was already working on the game and had a world set up with quiet a bit of progress. I was wondering if there is anyway to get it back. With him creating the new game it deleted my old one... Please let me know!

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    Probably gone for good but set up different user accounts to solve issue in future.

    I am just a player but I am pretty sure it is gone. You need to set up a separate user account for your brother then you can each have your own save slot in your own user account at least that is how it works on PS4 you can also use this to just have multiple games going as I am doing. It would be better if they provided more than one save slot but well at the moment we just have what we have.
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    Hi Shigalosis, welcome to the forums. I believe vic_must_play is correct. Make sure different users are logged in to the console when starting a new game.
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