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    Is there still micro stutter from beta?

    In the Open and closed Betas others including myself made threads about the micro stuttering once entering the Dark Zone on the Xbox One version only. Is this problem fixed on the retail copy? Or is this still an issue?
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    Micro stutter is still a MAJOR issue. sometimes worse than others but persistent 100% of the time in the DZ on the XBOX ONE.
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    It still exists and im not sure why UBI isnt addressing it or at least acknowleding it as an issue.

    Videos from both betas( same behavior is in retail)
    Closed Beta

    Open Beta

    If it helps with troubleshooting the root cause, I can also make the stutter worse by using the streaming feature of the Xbox App on Windows 10.
    1) Open the Xbox App on Windows 10
    2) Find your Xbox One console and select Stream
    3) Play The Division in the DZ zone ON YOUR XBOX ONE CONSOLE(not the Windows 10 PC) and observe the stutter.

    This exanple is not about playing it on the xbox app steaming, its pointing out the simple fact that streamng The Division from your console to the Xbox One app makes the DZ stutter even worse. Its repeatable 100% of the time.

    Please acknowledge the issue and let us know how you are addressing it.
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