As a long time gamer I want to plead with Ubisoft to create a multiplayer PC game that had the greatness of Far Cry 2. FC2 multiplayer was so great that you could admin your server for clan v clan scrims and boot the hackers. FC2 only had a few custom maps but the map editor allowed the community to create new maps to which they succeeded in some great and creative maps. I also miss the low population on a server... 16 ppl was max which cut down the lag issues. I have not found a game since that I liked as much as FC2 multiplayer version... The single player was kinda boring after awhile, but the multiplayer was extraordinary. I also liked the way weapon progression was programmed in that all top level weapons were good and it didnt take long to rank up to top level weaponry. In closing I just want to ask ubisoft to return to what made them great.