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    Patch notes for 1.1.2?

    Any patch notes to be read?
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    Originally Posted by Aryvian Go to original post
    Any patch notes to be read?
    Yeah, I just realized, that there is a patch installed. Where is the contain? Any note?
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    Apparently only the .exe files were changed and Support/Readme folder remains untouched (no new changelogs).
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    Well they didn't fix the mouse deadzone issue.
    Soo... yeah. Would be nice to see what they did fix.
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    I just downloaded it through Uplay and its size was 126MB - I too would like to know the list of changes/fixes :-)
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    Not sure what they did but performance has now lowered from a perfect 55-60 to 46-60. Not happy.
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    Originally Posted by XXLpeanuts Go to original post
    Not sure what they did but performance has now lowered from a perfect 55-60 to 46-60. Not happy.
    Maybe the patch reset some of the graphics settings. If you lowered some prior to the patch, now they are higher at a default perhaps.

    Also, the patch may have added some new graphics options. I shall have a look myself shortly :-)
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    What the hell?

    Since the update was released the ingame sound is messed up for me in some weird way.
    Its hard to describe. Its like I have pressure on my year or Im standing in the middle of a subway and hear some sort of echo.

    I know this sounds odd but its definitely the game. It sounds different to me now. In a way that I totally dont like. Feels uncomfortable. oO
    I hope they fix this... Not sure if I get used to this.

    Did they add proper Surround support? Maybe thats it. Usually I would like something like this especially because I have a quite expensive Surround headset but it just sounds so weird.
    Maybe my ears are simply not used to this sound after playing Primal 20 hours with the old sound...
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    Since i installed the update, i can't even launch the game anymore. Best update of my entire life ! 10/10 would download without asking questions again
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    wtf @ patch. I played Ultra settings on patch 1.1.0 without any problems. Now with 1.1.2 i can't even ride my beast without stuttering fps .... ...
    please fix the perfomance problems on PC with 1.1.2.
    With 1.1.0 i got constantly 60+ fps
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