Hello everyone! Before submitting a bug report to these forums, please read this list to see if your issue has already been reported and confirmed. These are our Known Issues which the dev team are already working on fixing. We will also offer information like workarounds, further info, etc when applicable.

[Gameplay] Repeating Daily Hard/Challenging Missions
We are aware of an issue where daily hard and challenging missions have been repeating for several days. This issue will be addressed in a later update.

[Gameplay] Tech Support talent Pulse Skill
Tech Support talent does not currently extend the duration of Pulse Skill.Tech Support – extends duration of active skill by 10% after a kill.

[Gameplay] Player Stuck
Players may become stuck if they close the menu using the B/Circle button near a cover prop.

[Gameplay] Floating Weapons
Some agents’ weapons can be seen floating in the Dark Zone.

[Gameplay] Shield destroyed on activation

The Shield is destroyed on activation if the user double taps the skill button while sprinting.

[Gameplay] Echo Activation / Record [Workaround]
We’ve received reports that echoes pertaining to multi-part missions are not registering correctly (Michael Dufrane, Judy Walters). This is being investigated by our team.
[Workaround]: do the mission again in a squad where the leader hasn’t done this mission yet.

[Gameplay] Daily Rewards / Matchmaking
We’ve received reports that after joining an instance of a mission in progress, once completed users are not given the Daily Mission reward.

[Gameplay] Missing Character
We are getting reports of players that their character has been deleted. This is being investigated by our team. For more info, please read this thread.

[Gameplay] Missing Objectives / Roy Benitez, Paul Rhodes [Need more info]
We are getting reports that Roy Benitez or Paul Rhodes do not show up in their wing after completing the mission to unlock them. The team is investigating this issue. Please read this thread and reply with the requested information.

[Gameplay] Collision / Mobile Cover
We’re aware of exploits using the Mobile Cover / Ballistic shield to glitch through walls.

[Gameplay] Talent / Reckless
We’re aware of the Reckless talent currently decreasing incoming damage instead of increasing it.

[Gameplay] Talent / Combat Medic
We’re aware of the Combat Medic talent healing the user for another 40% as it counts you as a member of the group.

[Gameplay] Mobile Cover Status not disappearing
We’re aware of the Mobile Cover Status not disappearing after going out-of-cover.

[Gameplay] Instant Revive Stack
We’re aware that players can get an instant revive by holding the revive animation and having a “double revive”.

[Gameplay] Falling Through Map
The team is investigating the many reports of players falling through the map. We believe it is caused by slow streaming of textures, installing the game on an SSD could help, but is not guaranteed to solve the issue.

[Gameplay] Incursion / Infinite Loading [Workaround]
Players cannot join a group that is already inside Falcon Lost, which is intended, but if they leave the group and join another one, they won’t be able to enter until they re-log, which is a bug.
[Workaround]: Log out (not exit game) and log back in.

[Gameplay] Missing Reward / Incursion
It can happen that players do not receive their weekly reward upon first completion of Falcon Lost Challenge Mode if the player who entered the instance first already completed it this week.

[Gameplay] Talent / One is None
When equipping this talent, it can happen that the player won’t be able to shoot when depleting his magazine and will need to switch weapon to fix the issue.

[Gameplay] Unable to Start Mission
We’re aware that entrance doors to some missions don’t open correctly, thus preventing the player to start the mission.

[Gameplay] Auto-Aim
Players have been reporting that they now have an auto-aim activated on PC.

[Gameplay] Combat Medic Talent Disrupting Smart Cover
Players using the Combat Medic talent have found their smart cover disrupted when healing and using friendly AoE abilities.

[Gameplay] Sound / MIC [Workaround]
Users report that their mics are not working in any setting other than “Push to Talk”. Our team has identified the issue and are working on it.
[Workaround]: Use the Push-to-Talk feature for now.

[Gameplay] Controllers / Long HUD
Users have reported an issue where the hud becomes very long when the keybinds for Grenades / Consumables are changed to keys like mouse-button 5. The team is investigating this issue

[Gameplay] HUD / Stat Changes

We’ve received reports that after equipping and comparing lots of items, after several stat calculations the menu stops calculating changes.

[Gameplay] MOD Auto Detach
We’ve received reports of mods, specifically scopes, automatically detaching.


[Interface] DZ Rank
We’re aware that the DZ rank on the Character Selection screen is currently bugged. We assure you this is merely a visual issue and your actual DZ rank is still intact once you load into the game.

[Interface] Uplay Friend Invites [Workaround]
After several hours of gameplay, some users will no longer receive friend invites via Uplay (note this is friend invites, not game invites).
[Workaround]: restart the Uplay App..


[Connectivity] Disconnection Fast Travel
Users may be disconnected from the game if they fast travel to a mission while they restock from ammo crates. Users can return to the game from the title screen as normal.

[Connectivity] Lag / Performance Dark Zone
It can happen that players experience micro-freezes in the Dark Zone. A potential workaround for this is turning off VoIP.

[Connectivity] ROMEO error on first login [Workaround]
PS4 players may encounter a ROMEO error message on first login. The issue goes away for the following login attempts.
[Workaround]: Try connecting again.


[Technical] CTD / Peripherals [Need more info]
Users are reporting peripherals such as keyboards turning themselves off then crashing the game. We need more info such as make and model of keyboards. Please contact our support about this